Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kicking off Love Week

Coming atcha just a little late. ;) Oh my gosh, our internet is so sucktacular right now. We got an "upgrade." (That's code for, the internet company came over to fix our internet so that we would get what we already pay for.) Yeah, no. Pictures won't even load on half of the websites I visit after 9pm now. That has never happened before, and it makes it nearly impossible to blog at night...which is what I do. I spent three days...THREE days...stuck at home last week waiting on the internet to be fixed. Met four or five different nice young men sent to rescue us from our internet distress. And it just got worse and worse and worse....


We're excited for a reason to do some out of the ordinary things this week. Yay for Valentine's Day! That's what these little greeting card holidays really are for us. Just an excuse to bust out some scissors and paper and bake something. This month, it's heart-shaped celebrating. Next month - shamrocks. Following month - Eastery things. Etc. etc.

I read an article recently about what people from other countries really think about America when they visit, and one of the most consistent things people mentioned was, "Americans are always celebrating something! They have a holiday for everything!" It's so true. God Bless the USA.

We kicked off our week with an annual tradition. Gracie had been bugging me for days to "Bake the cookies! Come on, mom!" Her dream finally came true. I love that my kids are finally old enough to remember and appreciate these things. And it was probably my favorite Valentine's cookie baking day yet!

I was taking pictures of the girls at the counter, and I could hear Reagan saying, "Cheese! Cheese!" at my feet. Haha. So I backed up and took a picture of him, too. :) He wanted to be a part of everything so badly, so I plopped him up on the counter.

And it was all fun and games until he grabbed the rolling pin. 

Evelyn's face. :D

This year Gracie had a special request. She didn't want to just cut out heart shapes, she insisted that we do a snowman, too. Oh, okay...that works. It's still winter, right?

But then Evelyn had a special request, too. She wanted to cut out...a fish shape. Haha. So this year our valentine's cookies were hearts, snowmen, and fish. :)

I loved watching all three of my babies get in on the fun this year....

I loved that my kids had opinions and added to our tradition. My heart has been waiting for days like these. :)

There was a lot of shlurping and stuff going on, so I made sure to ice a few cookies just for the adults, haha. Betcha can't tell which is the kids' plate. 

They really love sprinkles. ;)

The girls did a great job this year, being very methodical with their spreading and sprinkling. Believe it or not, it wasn't very messy at all. And both Grace and Evelyn were so excited about their creations. As soon as Eric walked in the door they shouted, "We made valentine's cookies!!" They could not WAIT to show him. It's through little projects like these that I can really see how much they've grown up in a year. 

Hope you're staying warm this love week! Cuddle something cute, haha. Happy day!

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Heather said...

Boy, Gracies hair is really getting blonde! And thanks for making me hungry an hour before lunch!!


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