Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Favorite Disney Links

I followed Eric around like a lost puppy this morning, haha. He's only going to work for a half day today so that he can come home and pack and get ready for his super late flight tonight. So weird to be digging out shorts for him to take while we are riding the polar vortex. It's going to be ninety degrees where he is going. Eric - you suck! :)

I swiped this picture from Facebook of Eric speaking at that dinner from the other day. :D

I felt like doing a post just for fun today, so I thought it might be time to share another Disney update. We've changed our plans...big time. Just like I said we would. Haha.

When I started planning this vacation nine years ago, October was a prime time to go to Disney World. The weather is usually awesome and crowds and prices were low. There are special Halloween events and fun decorations for Fall. I always pictured us taking our trip then!

And then last year happened, and I've been a little nervous ever since. All throughout October 2013 people were reporting back from their trips saying things like, "These are the biggest crowds I've ever seen in October!" Over and over again. Several Disney planners were writing things like, "The secret is out." Suddenly the rest of the world seemed to catch on about how awesome October is/was at DW. But that means that now the purpose is sort of defeated, haha. It's become a busier time to go.

So when I saw the September crowd calendar that was just released a few days ago, my wheels started turning. We have the opportunity to take our trip during the LOWEST crowd week of the entire year. Literally, if you numbered the weeks 1-52, the week we're looking at is #1 for lowest crowds. Um, yes please!

So...we will now be making our trek south even sooner than expected! Our new tentative dates are for the second week in September - woohoo! It will still be pretty hot then, but that just means I'll have to schedule in more pool time. Darn. :)

It also happens to be a slightly cheaper season for Disney's hotel pricing, and we'll be saving a whopping $12 a night on our room. But the best part? We won't even have to miss out on any of the Fall fun of October. The decorations and parties will be up and running all throughout September, too. Lower crowds also means less people competing for the dining reservations we want - just a better deal all around. We are holding our breath and crossing all of our fingers and toes that Disney will release their typical "Free Dining" promotion for September so that all of our food will be f.r.e.e for the entire week. It would be the first year in many if they didn't offer it. Don't let us down, Disney!

If you would like to know when the best time would be for YOUR family to visit, I highly recommend Josh's crowd calendars at  And certainly check out the Disney World website for room rates per season, if you are staying on-site. Prices of rooms fluctuate greatly depending on the time of the year.

Here are some of my other favorite links for planning a Disney vacation!

* If you are curious about what restaurants you might want to enjoy (and take a gander at prices) you can see all of the current menus at every Disney owned restaurant at This is will be invaluable when choosing your dining reservations! And seriously, just scrolling through that list is a bit intimidating. There are A LOT of restaurants at Disney!

*If you want your child to have some customs to wear for those oh-so-cute photos, and don't want to spend a fortune, look no further than Miss Morgan's Designs. She creates DIY iron-on transfers at very affordable prices. You will literally spend a fraction of the price going this route than ordering from Etsy or another site. It's not embroidery, but it's also not clothing your kid is likely to wear many times. I vote for affordable!

*If you are having problems deciding which resort to stay are not alone. Haha. But I have found that you get the most "real" look at the resorts and rooms by watching tours on YouTube. Just type in the resort name and you will find tons of tours. One of my favorite channels is iThemePark.

*For all of the latest Disney deals, check out

*And finally, if you are a first-time visitor and are looking to really optimize your time in the parks, I highly recommend the touring plans at easywdw. There are a lot of touring plans out there, but Josh's are the best...or so all the Disney veterans tell me. :) We will definitely be using many of his suggestions for which rides and attractions to prioritize.

I could go on and on all day, but I won't. :) Eric gets to hear this chatter every single day. What a good guy for putting up with me. We'll miss him around here until next week. It's really not a super long trip (thank the Lord!) and once he's home life slows way down for us. Hallelujah! Hope you have a great day, and hopefully some of these links will help you plan a trip soon or someday!


Heather said...

Ahhhhh!!! I can't wait until Cheeks is old enough to do vacations like this!! I'm just going to live through you until then. You guys are going to have so much fun!

Meagan said...

So exciting!!

I'm mentally preparing for our first DW trip in 2015 some time! After my brother gets done with his year in Korea he is being stationed in Florida and will only be about an hour or so away!!

Adrien said...

If you ever need any help planning someday Heather, you just let me know! :)

Meagan - that is perfect! We're also using the fact that my sister is stationed on the coast as an excuse to take a beach vacation if we need an excuse, haha.

Cassie said...

ahhhhh - so excited for you guys!!


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