Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day

We always get so spoiled after a long weekend with Eric at home. We had a fun Valentine's weekend, and I hope you did, too! Well...most of it was fun. Haha. More on that in a minute. First, our Valentine's Day.

Last week out of the blue Evelyn came up to me and asked:

Evie: Mom, can we go to the mall?
Me: Uh, maybe. What do you want to do at the mall?
Evie: Well...there's a Build-A-Bear Workshop there....

Haha. So when Eric and I were putting our heads together to decide what we wanted to do with the kids for a family day on Friday, that conversation came back to me. We decided it would be a nice surprise. 

We donned our V-day apparel.

And we set off for the Galleria. Of course, the kids had no idea where we were going. That's half the fun for them.

But you should have seen their faces when they found out what they were about to do! (And you just might if I can manage to edit a vlog for this week, haha.)

The last time Evelyn had gone to BAB was when she was one and we were at the St. Louis Zoo. She swears she remembers it, but I have no idea how. :) Grace and Reagan had never been before. 

Out of the dozens of options both of the girls decided that they wanted My Little Ponies. Evie chose Fluttershy and Gracie chose Pinky Pie. I am not an MLP expert, and I have no idea how the girls knew their names, but they did! We giggle every time we hear Grace say "Where's my Pinky Pie?" Haha.

If you've been to Build-A-Bear, then you know the drill. Pick em, stuff em, clean em, dress em.

I just crack up at this picture of Eric in the middle of a sea of doll clothes. :)

It was a good day, and a perfect Valentine's Day activity. We must not be alone in our idea though. While we were there, we learned that V-day is one of Build-A-Bear's most popular holidays. :)

We made our way home so that we could fix our traditional Valentine's Day dinner. The girls couldn't wait to make our heart shaped pizza! We decided to make two pizzas this year. 

One was the usual...

...and then there was the one that Evelyn was most proud of. The scary Mickey head. :D

(That black stuff is cheese. Freaked Evie out, haha.)

And we made dessert.

It isn't going to win any "prettiest trifle" awards, but it was definitely yummy!

We had a great Valentine's Day as a family! And we are so thankful to our parents and my sister for sending cards and treats and making it extra special for us and the kids. (Thank you!) 

We had a very nice rest of the weekend. But then on Sunday afternoon we started noticing some goop in Reagan's eye. And then on Monday morning, Evie had it, too. And that's when we knew that our children had really taken V-day to the next level by trying to dye their eyeballs pink. Haha. A lovely case of pink-eye to end the weekend. 

It's actually a very mild case, and we got them to the doctor right away. But holy crap. Eye drops suck. It's a huge ordeal just to put a tiny bit of liquid in their eyeballs. Like wrestling a pig. :) Three times a day. And we've been hand washing and hand-sanitzing and disinfecting like nobodies business. So far no one else has caught it. (Crossing fingers.) Their eyes aren't even pink, but...we're not taking any chances, haha.

So Evelyn is home from school today for the obligatory 24 hour wait after starting antibiotics. But we're happy to see the sunshine today! And I might be crazy, but I thought I saw that we may get up to almost 60 degrees by the end of this week. Awesome! 

Looking forward to a warmer week ahead with healthy kids. And I couldn't end this post on Valentine's Day without saying something that I don't say often enough. I love you guys. You...complete...me. Okay, that's weird. But seriously, thanks for reading and for always making it a little more fun to record memories of my family. Love! :)


Heather said...

Mom was dying over Evies red coat yesterday at the Dr office. Pretty sure I know what color Kinleys first coat will be.

Adrien said...

Aw, love it! The girls have had those coats for two years. They've definitely seen better days, haha.


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