Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Winter Vlog!

Our computers are running at full steam again - hooray!  I was able to throw together a little vlog for today - just a few clips from the first half of February. It was fun to edit a video really is kind of addicting, haha. And now that I sorta kinda know what I'm doing, it doesn't take me nearly as long.

So here it is...birthday parties, cookies, Valentine's Day...and just a little more!

Thanks for watching!


Cassie said...

love this. i lol-ed at the birthday party!!

Sarah said...

Reagan on the table. Dying lol. So Liam! I have been thinking about taking the boys to BAB for awhile now, guess I'm going to have to now that they just saw this video 😉

April Robert said...

This video is cute! I like your commentary in it. It's nice seeing Reagan in his element climbing and laughing. April R.


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