Friday, March 28, 2014

Confession Friday 3-28!

Happy Friday!!!

Still no fixed computer. I haven't even gotten to sit down with Eric since Monday night…we've been tag-teaming all week long, so obviously there has been no time for computer repair. But what is the one blog post that I can type up all night long that doesn't require tons of pictures? Confession Friday! And since I haven't done one in a while, I'm doing it.

First. These two. What a pair! They are wrestling each other one minute, hugging and kissing the next. I confess that I am going to have my hands FULL with this brother/sister duo. Meanwhile, Evie continues to be the mother hen while the younger ones duke it out. :)

I confess that my kids are obsessed with freckles, thanks to me making a big deal out of Evelyn's first one several months ago. Now when new little dots are discovered there is shouting and fanfare and much excitement around here. Including the day I heard, "MOOOM, THERE'S A FRECKLE ON GRACIE'S ______!" I won't fill in the blank. It was pretty funny, though. :)

I confess that my son only says two words…and the pediatrician says that's fine…I know you are pretty worried. :) But I swear he belts out, "Let it go!" in his best baby speak, and if you don't know what that's from, I don't know you.

I confess that I am 90% sure I'm homeschooling my kids after next year. I know I said I'd never. But I think I'm gonna. Any time I mention it to the kids, Gracie starts calling me "teacher" and refuses to acknowledge that I'm also her mom. This should be fun!

Oh! Speaking of school. Evelyn is officially going to Kindergarten next year. I confess that I am SAD. That wasn't the plan. But we don't have a choice in the matter, apparently. Guess my baby is going to be the youngest in the class, after all. Boo. Good thing it won't matter after next year, haha.

The kids were attempting selfies this morning. I'm sure this was just after their mission to send gibberish messages to several of my Facebook friends. Ay yi yi…. They use my phone more than I do.

I confess that there is nothing quite as annoying as going to paint your nails and realizing that the only material you have to take the old finger nail polish off with is toilet paper. First world problems. But really sucky ones.

I confess that I've fallen asleep three times this week before brushing my teeth. Three times! I'm not proud of that. Don't tell my dentist. I obviously need more sleep.

I confess that I take full advantage of Eric being away to cook quick meals that he doesn't like to eat. They aren't exactly diet-friendly. Oh, daddy isn't home? Sloppy joe night! Haha.

I confess that I just realized I get to see my husband during waking hours tonight. Wahoo! When the first words you speak to each other are always "I miss you" you know it's time to be home for a while. Praise the Lord for the weekend!

I can't spend any more time whipping these confessions up, cause I've got children to get ready for school. It's so great that I have three little kids to get ready every day, bundle up, and buckled into carseats (x2) so that one of them can go to school for less than three hours…why in the world can't everyone take the bus? I'd pay for that. No…seriously. Let's consider this, school district.

Haha. Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Sarah said...

"If you don't know what that's from, I don't know you" LOL. We are pretty obsessed with that movie over here :)

I'm dreading next year. 2 kids in school. 1 drop off & 2 pick ups. Good Lord!

Heather said...

So glad I am in the club now and know what movie that little line is from.

Can I sign Cheeks up for your school?

Adrien said...

Sarah - oh my gosh, I KNOW. If this year was a pain, next year is going to be awful. Please Lord, send a mild winter next year. PLEASE! :D

Heather - YES. Send her to me!! :)

Anonymous said...

Why not start homeschool next year instead of putting her in kindergarten? I homeschool my 5 littles (only 3 are school-aged). Tough job, but totally worth it. Especially if you think she is too young. Give her time.

Adrien said...

Hi Caroline! We are moving next year to a new home and new town…in my compartmentalized mind it was just a good time to start something new, haha. Evelyn is academically ready for K, but it was the later grades that I worried about. There are other reasons, but I might just save it for a blog, because it would be a novel to explain. :) Thank you for the encouragement, I love hearing it's worth it!!


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