Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Eric is home. <3 

He came sneaking in last night, smelling like a far off place and with lots of dust on his sneakers. And just like a spring storm, he was gone just as soon as he came. The kids got to see him for a few minutes this morning before he had to turn around and leave for work. It's okay though. Our world is back in balance…and he came bearing Haitian candies which are pretty yummy, so the kids are distracted. :)

We probably stayed up a little too late telling stories. I cannot wait for him to get to share some of his experiences here - definitely look for some guest blogging in the near future. I'm excited to get to look through all of the pictures and video myself! Eric took the "good" computer with him to Haiti, and I'm still using the old one, so I don't have any pictures or anything to share. So…here's The Pitch logo for some color, haha.

So many people have asked what Eric was doing in Haiti exactly and if he was on a "missions trip." While I'll leave the details up to Eric to tell, I can tell you that he was sort of on a missions trip…but maybe not exactly what many north americans think of when you say "mission trip." Haha.

The work that our family is doing with The Pitch in Haiti is a partnership, really. An on-going partnership where we work at home and abroad for the organization. There will be many trips to Haiti…for just Eric…for Eric and I…and eventually for our entire family. This will allow us to be involved in long term projects and to create relationships with people that we will see over and over again. And oh my goodness…some of the friendships Eric has made already. Sigh…makes me cry and I haven't even gotten to go myself yet.

As much as he missed us at home, it was hard for Eric to say goodbye to some of the friends he made - even in just a short time. We're already planning his next trip, and I'm not gonna lie…I wanna go soon, too! :)

I have a lot of projects I want to get done this week. Including FINALLY getting something done about the header I have here and on Facebook, wishing you all "Season's Greetings" in March. Haha. The kids and I have been working on something, but it's been hard to get much done lately. Hopefully by the week's end there will be some new color around here. :) There are some other momentous things on the horizon for us…so…stick around! Wahoo!

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sblind2 said...

That's awesome! My boss & his son is going over spring break to build a church - his niece lives over there with her husband who is a minister (pastor) .... (not 100% sure) he always comes back with some amazing stories and photos!


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