Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Roy G. Biv

**Blogger friends...Hello. I have been reading your posts every day. (Yay!) But blogger won't let me comment. I am trying to fix this problem. The end. :)

I don't know what it is about this time of the year, but something about it makes us want to get out craft paper and take pictures with it. Haha. I don't do it intentionally, it's just something I realized the other day while we were putting together a patchwork rainbow on my bedroom wall. By this time of the year we are so stir-crazy we'll do just about anything to herald Spring. Several years ago we created a paper paradise. Last year we made trees on the walls one day and cowboy patches the next. This year, we're begging for Spring to come in technicolor. 

Evelyn and Grace both enjoyed creating a photo backdrop this time. Evie helped a lot with choosing the rainbow patterns (she LOVES making patterns!) and Grace couldn't wait to put together our raindrop umbrella.

This is just going to be one of those "lots of pictures" posts. There was snow on the ground outside, but inside were warm showers and shining rainbows!

I decided to save myself a headache this time and just let each kid take their own turn being silly. :)

The raindrop umbrella was FUN. A big hit to twirl around with. I saw a picture of this sometime somewhere (I have no idea where) and I mentally filed it away for a day just like today. Make one for your kiddos with tape, string, and some blue paper! And an umbrella, of course. :)

Grace knows how we end the photo fun...gotta jump on the bed!

Evelyn has tons of fun doing these pictures. She wants to see every pose right after she does it, haha. I never tell the kids what to do, they just act like their little selves. 

Evie can't resist telling the camera how old she is. :)

Then there is Reagan...who definitely doesn't share his sisters' love of pictures. Oh, it's just torture for the little guy. 

Actually, it's not. But he likes to give me a hard time. Like, literally, he will laugh and smile the whole time, until I raise the camera. Then on cue, he puts on a sad or grumpy face. I put the camera down, and he laughs. 

Sometimes I'm able to catch part of a smile...and sometimes I'm not.

He's a total faker. Haha.

Little stinker. :)

It's always a fun way to pass the Winter blues. Eric came from his trip the other night and chuckled at the scene on the wall. "I like your rainbow." He's used to our daytime antics by now. No surprise to walk into the room in the middle of the night and find a paper mural on the wall. :D

We hope that you have a bright and sunshiny day today. Fourteen days until Spring!!


Heather said...

That Gracie. She just gets to me. I love the umbrella prop! Way to go Super Mom!!

Meagan said...

That umbrella is the cutest thing ever!!

Yours kids have THE best facial expressions, love them!

Sarah said...

How stinkin adorable!!! All three of them are just precious!!!

They must be working on patterns at school because that is all Luke talks about.

60s next week mama!!

Sara Simpson said...

Love the pictures!!!


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