Monday, March 17, 2014

The Planning Curse

Being a super-planner can be such a blessing at times…and oh can it be such a curse at times. 

Some people like to live their lives very spontaneously-on the fly. They live to go and do, and many times they don't know what the next week of their life looks like, but there will be some fun thrown in there, certainly. 

And then there's me. Part of the fun, or maybe even most of it, of going and doing anything IS the planning. I like to dream about things, map things out, strategize, seek opinions…and did I mention dreaming about the fun we'll have? That's me -  I'm a planner and dreamer. I'm not super spontaneous, and I don't like plans to change. That is where the curse comes in. When things don't work out, it's even more of a disappointment when I've been looking forward to it so much.

For the past two weekends I have had one goal in mind. Just one. To sit down with my husband, who has been super busy lately and often away, and have a meal. No kids…just Eric and me. We haven't had that since…before Reagan was born? Maybe once since then? No joke, I have not been 100% alone with my own husband in a long, long time. 

Whether it be illness or really unpredictable circumstances (or a combination of the two!) I have yet to see that plan come to fruition. We were literally an hour away from seeing my dream come true this weekend when the plans had to change last minute. So once again, we traded  a quiet meal at a nice restaurant for a trip to P'Sghetti's with our third wheel, Reagan. Haha.

Adrien - 0
Murphy - 2

One of these weekends, I WILL see my plans through. We'll just have to keep on trying. :)

How about this for bad planning? Put on my spring shoes for church on Sunday, only to be walking around in sleet and snow all day, haha.

Now, I can tell you one thing that I am chronically very bad at planning…and that also became painfully obvious this weekend. That would be Spring clothes for my kids. I looove buying clothes for Fall…I stock closets full with Christmas attire…and almost immediately after the holidays I start scouting the internet for sundresses. But then there's that pesky Spring.

When it comes to this time of the year and I open up my kids' closets, my stomach sinks. It's a pathetic scene of snowman shirts and sweaters hanging askew…only half of the hangers actually have clothes on them anymore. It might be a super warm day, but are there any short sleeves to be found? Nope. I never, ever plan for this season. 

This year more than ever this is a huge problem, since I have a child in school who has to look presentable every day. :) And today is Spring picture day for Evelyn. Not a darn thing to wear. I spent the entire weekend trying to figure this one out…looked in every store (neon is NOT flattering for Spring pictures, fashion world.) Didn't find a thing.

I got so desperate that last night at 11:30 I was down in the basement on a hope and a prayer that I could dig something out for my child to wear today. And then…the heavens parted and light beamed down from above.  :)

There sat a brand new outfit, folded in a bin, tags still intact…purchased nearly two years ago, because it was adorable and on sale and I knew that some day I would have a kid that would fit into it. Haha. And it just so happened to be Evie's size. And after a weekend of many things not going right I smiled to myself. I couldn't have had any idea two years ago what a sanity-saving purchase this would be…but I do remember two years ago thinking, "I'll appreciate having this someday."

Indeed, I do!

Yay for obsessive planning two years ago…Evie is modeling the sanity-saver outfit. :D

And that was my weekend. It was extraordinarily ordinary, even though it wasn't planned to be that way. But ordinary can be awesome, too. We weren't sick. We laughed a lot. We loved a lot. And I got some new sunglasses…so…score! :D

Most importantly all of our basic needs were met, and I'm thankful that most of the trials of today don't matter years or even weeks from now. I'm thankful that most of our problems are things that we can look back on and laugh about. I'm thankful for my kids that come along on date nights. I'm thankful for Eric, who is so sweet to me. I'm thankful for family that love us and friends that we love. And since I cannot see into the future or know all of the "why" answers when things just don't seem to go right, I'm thankful for God's grace over my life. Could I have been saved from something this weekend because I didn't go to a certain place at a certain time? I'll never know. So when things don't go the way that I planned them…I will continue to be thankful.

I think it's going to be a good day today. :)


Heather said...

And what a cute outfit it is!!!

I've been looking at Kinley's wardrobe the same way...she's in 0-3 months which is all winter clothes. But some days its warm. And buying 3-6 months I buy long sleeved or short sleeved. Problems I tell ya :)

Sarah said...

You are just the cutest thing ever!! I wish I was more of a planner. We are always doing things on a whim. And sure... sometimes it turns out fun and exciting...and...well...other times not so good haha.

Evie looks adorable!!

And you let me keep those babies. The boys would love a playdate with the Robert kids!! I know the struggle. Sometimes you just need to be a wife too! Please. With a cherry on top let me keep them :):)

Meagan said...

I hear ya girl, I am a planner too! A couple of months ago my mom told me she was giving us money for our 5 year anniversary & that she was going to come to town to babysit so we could use it & go stay somewhere. I, of course, starting coming up with ideas & looking things up. My husband on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with it because it was still too far away! UGH!! Now that we are a month away he decided to look things up & of course prices of things have gone up & options are limited. That's when I gave him "the look"! ;)

Unfortunately for my checkbook, I have no problem whatsoever with filling the boys' closets with clothes for any season. =/ I actually like the srping/summer stuff better. Plaid shorts, flip flops, polos...that's my kind of love language! lol

Cassie said...

hang in there.
#1 be extremely grateful and thankful for those awesome hands on gmas and gpas who WANT to watch your children no matter what.
even if it's not all three of them.
not everyone has that!

and always remember that those babies are going to be grown up and gone in a blink and you are going to say, man we can't get ANYONE to go to dinner with us. lol.

Adrien said...

You girls are seriously the best. :D

Sarah - I have no idea where you get your energy from, but I love your big mom heart! Your love for kids makes me smile. :)

Yes, I will always be forever grateful for the help that we have! We are extremely extremely lucky!


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