Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up!

Well, I'm still blogging from an old computer (and it still flashes "hey you fool, I'm out of disk space!" every five minutes or so) but there has to be a weekend wrap up, right? Eric promises me that our other computer will be like brand new once he fixes it. Can't wait. Let's do that! ;)

I just have to mark the momentous occasion that Eric and I did, indeed, get a night out alone this weekend. WAHOO!! Thank you to my in-laws. :) Evelyn was over-the-moon excited that Reagan got to stay with his sisters, and I thoroughly enjoyed eating with two hands. My date was pretty cute, too.

Eric kept sighing and smiling and and saying, "aww" throughout our entire meal. You'd think he was a guy in love with his bride or something, but no, I was totally upstaged by the father/daughter date going on behind me, haha. Really, it was seriously cute. Eric is a total sucker for that stuff…and now he definitely has the bug to start taking the girls out on dates. They are just the right age to really start appreciating it. I love him for loving kids.

Before date nights though, the kids and I went to the nursing home for a little celebration. My uncle Charlie turned 73 on Saturday. He was looking great, laughing, and enjoying some birthday cake. Charlie is another man I love who loves children. Even though he can't really speak anymore, his eyes light up when the kids are around, and he gets a good chuckle at the babies. I'm really happy that we were able to see him. I'd give just about anything to have a conversation with him again, to rewind time and spend an afternoon at the park, or playing "Charlie chase" around the cars in the driveway. He was my first best friend. :)

On Sunday Eric had a speaking engagement at a church in St. Charles, MO to share some of his experiences in Haiti for The Pitch. He was long gone before any of us were awake, so it was up to me to get all of us ready to go to church and serve in the nursery this week. The kids love playing there, and I snapped a few pictures of each of them to send to their dad who I knew would be missing them on a day we normally spend together.

Cuties. It was a cold day, but gosh darn, I was bound to throw some Spring color in our wardrobe.

That afternoon we had lunch with my family to celebrate my cousin Austin's 16th birthday. I'll be honest…I had never met my cousin Austin before yesterday. Is that crazy?? We just don't get to spend enough time with my dad's side of the family. I know there are other cousins I've never met…but that's the way it goes sometimes with big families, I suppose.

Anyway, thanks to Facebook, Austin found my mom and started joking with her that he heard she liked to bake…so you know…maybe she should think about baking him a birthday cake. :) And hello…you do not say something like that to my mother - she will totally do it. And she did. Haha. So we were able to have a nice lunch and some dessert with family we rarely get to see. Thank you mom for putting that together. :)

We had a great weekend, and there's a full week ahead for us. I have meetings, Eric has class and a seminar to host…one of those weeks where we'll only see each other coming and going. There's always next weekend, right? :)


Heather said...

Love those cute little dresses! I can't wait til it's warm out and I can break out some of the cute summer clothes Cheeks has!

Katie said...

Jean jackets on little girls are the cutest! Adelyn has one and I just cannot get over how cute she looks in it :) I'm ready for warmer weather and spring clothes!

Sarah said...

I am soooo happy you got your date!! And my offer is still valid :):)

Every.single.time we go out to dinner & see other parents with their kids... I just want to rush back home to my own. Mom guilt I suppose, I don't know...but it drives me insane!!

Cassie said...

glad you got your date in.

and i love the way you write about your husband. so in love.
it's so cute!


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