Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Tuesday Weekend Wrap Up!

Well, I'm a day late but what else is new? :) My phone was being dumb yesterday, and I couldn't access half of my pictures from the weekend…lame. I'm still blogging via the trusty white computer that is on it's last leg. There's too much stuff coming up though…we have to get this fixed.

We had a really great weekend and enjoyed the glorious weather that teased us for a couple of days.

On Friday evening we attended the annual Life Network banquet, which was a treat. I tried to sneak a picture of me and my mister on the way there. :D

We feel blessed and honored to support the work of Life Network in our community. It is a wonderful organization that does not judge, but loves…does not push, but counsels…does not charge it's clients, but offers them so much. Over 1500 lives have been spared because of the work done through Life Network since it's inception 20 years ago. Countless other lives that have been changed because of the love they were shown there. Praise God.

On Saturday I packed up all three kids and met my mother-in-law for an afternoon of egg hunting in the park. I'm getting braver at this mom stuff, I'll tell you what! Last year I sent the girls on their merry way without me, haha. :)

Reagan does not believe in lining up with his sisters for a picture.

He'd much rather be the star in front.

What a ham! He got a haircut this weekend, the poor shaggy thing.

By the way, we no longer have straw just hanging out on our front porch in all of it's redneck glory. It was officially spread out on my parent's garden this weekend. :)

Once at the park, Evelyn couldn't wait to see the Easter Bunny.

Gracie, however, was not getting near that rabbit. 

Grace claims that she will not have the same reaction to Mickey Mouse, but…I'll believe it when I see it. She does like Chuck. E. Cheese, though. Not sure what gives there, cause Mr. Cheese is definitely creepier looking than a fuzzy bunny. :)

The kids had a blast running around and playing at the park. The actual egg hunt was a little bit of crazy. Reagan was more interested in throwing his basket around….

Grace did a great job, though!

Evelyn was in a different age category, so I couldn't really see her. There was enough space on my phone for one more picture, so I stuck my phone up in the air and prayed for the best. And…this is what I got.


Sunday was an awesome family day. Lots of church time, lots of time outside. We had a delicious dinner out and then another "Managing God's Money" class. I'm really thankful to Eric for leading the class - thank you, dear! I am learning a lot and being really challenged about stewardship…not just in regards to money. But stewardship with my time, my friendships, my talents…it's very eye-opening. 

This week I am trying to focus on getting our house in order, because this weekend is going to be nuts! We are off to Nashville on Thursday, doing our thing there, and then driving home to prepare for Easter Sunday. Many people have been asking us where they will be able to tune in and see us on Friday, and I promise we will post links here and on Facebook when it gets closer. It would just get buried otherwise. :) 

Hope you all are having a great day! If not, I pray that it turns around…if you're breathing, it's not too late to change things for the better! :)

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