Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Children Are a Gift

April 8 will always be a meaningful day in our family, because it was the day, three years ago, that my little brother John officially became my little brother. :)

If you're new here then you may not know that I have several siblings…three younger brothers and one little sister…and the youngest of those siblings was taken in as a tiny infant and eventually adopted by my parents. John started his life as my cousin, but now he is my brother, and the girls get a kick out of calling him their Uncle.

Last night we had a little get together to commemorate John's adoption day, as we do every year. Man…it is hard to believe that was three years ago - especially because I remember blogging all about it the first time! And how is this for a tease…all of the pictures from that post show everyone in tank tops and shorts. We were playing outside and barbecuing that day. (It's okay to get a little warmer now, weather…I know you can do it. You've clearly done it before.)

Here's little John on his adoption day three years ago, at three years old.

And here we were last night, singing "Happy Adoption Day!" to John. :)

He is really growing up!

We crammed in some more excitement yesterday with Gracie's preschool screening. The girl was just a little, tiny bit excited about that. 

She has been waiting a whole year for it to be her turn. And Eric and I were total nerd parents, once again, both of us going with her and sneaking pictures, haha. 

Evelyn was considerably older than Gracie was at her preschool screening - 8 months older to be exact. So it didn't worry us a bit that Grace jumbles up her ABC's and thinks sixteen and seventeen come after five. Haha. She gets it right sometimes, but she's still young. The one thing we were concerned about going in, though, was Gracie's speech.

About a year ago we had taken Gracie to a speech therapist, just to make sure she was developing properly and didn't need any speech therapy. At the time, she was very difficult to understand by anyone but those who were closest to her. The results from that consultation were that there were no developmental delays with Grace, but that she could benefit from therapy when it came to pronouncing certain sounds. Unfortunately, the therapy didn't work for our schedule or our wallets at the time. We hoped she would improve on her own, and since the speech therapist didn't seem worried, we tabled that thought for a while.

Well. Fast forward to yesterday. The very last station that Grace visited yesterday evening was the Speech station. I held my breath as Mrs. Rau (the school's speech teacher) went through all of the exercises with her. I don't know what I was expecting…looks of concern, maybe a furrowed brow or something. Haha. Seems silly to me now. Instead, there was lots of enthusisam, laughter and even an "You guys need to put this on YouTube!" when Gracie said her ABC's. :D 

Mrs. Rau was kind enough to sit with us for a few minutes and discuss our concerns. And we left that place feeling a million times lighter when we learned that she wasn't concerned at all. She said that she could understand Grace just fine and that the sounds that she has trouble with are common for kids her age - "blending sounds" like "sp" and "th" for example. Eric and I are super thankful for that conversation and for the time that Mrs. Rau spent with us!

We couldn't leave without redeeming Gracie for the pitiful pictures we had taken of the girls at Evelyn's preschool open house last year. :)

That is a much happier little girl!

Today I am thankful for all of the kiddos in my life! Thankful for John, for my own kids, thankful for the children we get to spend time with in Sunday School each week…I'm thankful for my friends' children - many of them little miracles in their own right. Every life is so valuable, so important. Each one with a special purpose and a unique story. Thank you, God, for children! And thank you, God, for friends! 


Heather said...

I needed this today. Thank you.

Adrien said...

Aw, hugs!! Please message me if you need anything!

Sarah said...

First off, I just want to give your mom a huge hug for having such a big heart. Being adopted myself, my mom being adopted..... Gahhh, it is the most amazing, selfless acts of kindness there is. Happy Adoption Day John!!

Second, Grace. I swear her & Logan shared te same womb. Exact same person. It's crazy!!

Third, you are right. Thank God for kids :)


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