Friday, April 11, 2014

Confession Friday 4-11!

It's feeling like spring, and I loooove it! My kids are driving me absolutely crazy though. So it's a good day for some confessions!

I confess that each of the girls have roughly…oh…8-10 pairs of shoes. And on any given day not a single pair has a match. Not one. I've got 10 left shoes and no rights, or I've got one of Evie's and one of Grace's but neither have them both. It's maddening. The quest for finding shoes drives me batty.

Reagan on the other hand, confesses that he always knows where his shoes are because he LOVES shoes. He wants to MARRY shoes. No really, he loves shoes. Nothing brings him greater pleasure than slipping a pair on his feet…my shoes, Eric's shoes, his sister's shoes, his shoes…it doesn't matter. He is pro-shoes. Even in his pajamas….

I confess that I just do not get the appeal of ski trips during spring break. Apparently it's a very popular thing to do. But WHY why why would you subject yourself more SNOW? Crazies.

I confess that I had a hot fudge sundae for breakfast. We need to go grocery shopping. We're also out of dishwasher detergent and laundry detergent, which I'm pretty sure is a sign from above that I'm supposed to have the day off. :)

I confess that one week from today we will be in Nashville for the Dave Ramsey show, and I'm still freaking out…still have nothing to wear…beginning to think this was a bad idea. :D

I confess that I am starting to suspect that Reagan has Freddy Krueger claws that come out when he enters the bathroom…that kid can shred toilet paper like nobodies business.

I confess that I am the most ROTTEN parent on the planet, because I threw away one of the 50,000 papers that Evelyn scribbled on this morning. The horror!

I am also terrible because I won't let my kid smuggle toys to school in her underpants.

I confess that there are many things I will not miss about this place when we move out, and here's one of them:

When we get a good spring rain, we literally need a canoe to get to our house, and/or should consider just being stuck at home for the afternoon. I couldn't have even picked my child up from school…that's a problem. Thank goodness for my mom!

I confess that one thing I WILL miss when we move…my kitchen. I've never been in a kitchen with more cabinet space…even in houses three times as big. Totally spoiled!

I confess that Gracie is changing so much…and she has the biggest heart. You'll only get this if you've seen "The Princess and the Frog." The other day she came up to me with a handful of fake money and said, "I need to give to give this to Tiana."

"Oh, when we go to Disney? Why do you want to give Tiana money?"

Gracie leaned in and looked around as if trying to be discreet and whispered, "She needs this for her restaurant."

Hehe, I thought it was so sweet and funny.

I confess that this just about melted my heart this week….

Evelyn's card for John's adoption day. 

Sigh…even when they are making me want to pull my hair out these kids still have all my love!

Now I have to figure out what to make for lunch out of a pantry of random ingredients. This is going to require a little creativity. :) Another full and busy weekend ahead! Eventually life will slow down…but that's not going to be any time soon. Happy Friday!


Heather said...

"I am also terrible because I won't let my kid smuggle toys to school in her underpants." I am dying.

And the card is amazing! Go Evie!

And I love love love the pajamas. I swear, I am going to make Cheeks wear one piece pajamas until she goes to college. They are so snuggly.

Christine Pettijohn said...

Holy Rain Water!!

I confess I look at Wyatt s school papers and then recycle a very good amount of them. We hang some of his pictures up but that is it.


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