Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

We're going to be doing things a little out of order from the weekend, because I'm POOPED. :) Talking about our trip today feels like a mammoth undertaking that my brain cannot handle at the moment, haha. It was a great experience. I am glad we did it. Not everything went according to plan…but most of those things we are already laughing about. Most of those things. ;)

Easter is fresh in my mind, and it's nice and easy to blog about. We had a wonderful day celebrating Jesus' resurrection. It was long day, but a fun day, and it all started with the kids getting their Easter baskets.

I can't show you any pictures of our kids actually getting the baskets, because they ran out in their underoos. Those pictures will remain in our family albums, haha.

We had a giant task of getting everyone bathed, fed, dressed, and ready for church before 9:30am and still have time for our egg hunt. It was crazy, but we did it!

After egg hunts it was time for church. We had a great morning in Sunday School and church services, even if the kids were, once again, a little wiggly. It had already been a full morning and they knew there was more fun ahead. Needless to say, it was hard to sit still. :)

By the time we were leaving church, it was lunchtime, and we made the drive to Eric's uncle Bruce's house to spend the first part of the afternoon with the Robert family. We had delicious bbq here…mmm…there was so much food. It was all good. All of it. Of course, the kids were more worried about playing with cousins!

Reagan was particularly feeling the cousin love. Oh my goodness…he was being so sweet to Tessa, walking up to her and giving her giant hugs. They're only one, so I guess I don't have to burst his bubble and let him know that the cousin thing can't really happen. :) But you should have seen him put the moves on her with a whiffle ball. Well, actually, I can show you!

I present to you, Reagan: The Smooth Operator.

"Okay, guys, check this out."

"There's a cute girl over there. Looks like she could use a whiffle ball."

"I am just the man to help her out."

"No turning back now. Let's do this…."

"For you, my dear."

"Nailed it."

Hehe. His face! He was so proud of himself. :)

The kids spent their time swinging, hammocking, playing hide-and-seek, and of course, more egg hunting….

It was so nice be out in the beautiful weather, but man, it was downright hot in the sun! The boys wanted to change clothes before we went to our next stop, so we made sure to get a family picture before we left. We'll never get a "perfect" family photo, haha, but we'll always try!

Next up was dinner and more Easter fun at my parent's house.

So. My mom had prepared these really nice Easter buckets for all of the kids. They were sitting on a table in the living room in all of their glory while the adults were chatting in the kitchen. Then Grace comes walking in with a sucker in her mouth and I ask, "Where did get that sucker, Gracie?"

We all looked at each other and walked into the living room….

There was Easter grass everywhere. The buckets were demolished. A chocolate bunny box laid open on the floor, but the bunny was MIA.

The little stinkers. Notice John hiding in the background. My mom asked, "Who ate this chocolate bunny??" John came walking up with his face covered in chocolate and holding something behind his back. "It wasn't me!" he said.


Needless to say, Reagan was the only one allowed to keep the contents of his bucket for a while. He was the only one who wasn't up to no good. :)

My mama always outdoes herself by cooking up a delicious meal. We had dinner next and the kids went out for their third egg hunt of the day!

Somehow they never get tired of this stuff! :)

After even more playing outside there was dessert, which included, but was not limited to, my mom's annual bunny cake.

Whew. I am exhausted just writing about it. We do it for the kids. And for grandparents. And for memories. And yes, it is all fun. But…ask Eric to take a picture at the end of the day, and this is what you'll get.

Er….Happy Easter?

Haha. It was a great day. What you can't see in all of the pictures is that, in addition to all of the traditional Easter festivities, we absolutely do make sure that our kids know the real meaning of why we celebrate. You know, Christmas is an awesome holiday, too…but without Easter…Christmas would mean nothing. He is risen!! 

I hope that you had a blessed day with the ones that you love, too. I'm going to try my very best to recap our experience at The Dave Ramsey show tomorrow…if…I can get a nap in. :) Have a great day!


sblind2 said...

I totally feel like Eric ... ahhh, I can't wake up this morning. Our Easter sounded like yours! :-)

Heather said...

Dude...that little baby tie...killing me. So stinkin cute!! And you look amazing!

Cassie said...

bahahah - love your play by play of your son. hilairous.

and seriously, one - you look AWESOME in that family picture. that dress looks amazing on you. and two - to you it may not be the perfect family picture, but it's ADORABLE!

happy easter!

Joyce said...

I can't get over how much Reagan looks like his cousin Jeremy Schmoll in that picture after he gave her the ball.....WOW!!!

Adrien said...

Well it looks like I need to wear that dress more often! Haha. I had NO idea what to wear so that's what I randomly pulled out of the closet. :D

The little tie totally got me, too…his first one. :) And mom, I think that's the second time you said he looks like Jeremy!


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