Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Life Updates - No Foolin'!

Some sad news to report in our house. We may have to say goodbye to a dear friend…sniff, sniff. Eric finally got the chance to sit down last night and work on our computer, only to find that when he opened it up it was sticky inside. So he went ahead and replaced the part that we ordered and reassembled everything only to find that it still won't take a charge. Now we either have to pray that a miracle happens or we might have to bite the bullet and buy a new computer. At any rate, I still can't blog normally. I'm dying!! Blargh!

Okay, that's a little dramatic. And no, this is no April Fool's joke - it'd be a pretty lame one if it was, haha.

Eric was commenting on how something had obviously been spilled all over the laptop when Evelyn shook her head and said, "I guess there was just too much orange juice."

"Do you know something we don't know, Evie? Did someone spill orange juice all over the computer?"


We're still a little foggy on the details, but the story makes sense to us. Kids!

The old computer I'm using right now completely pooped out on me yesterday when I tried to type a weekend wrap up. Wouldn't even let me load a tiny cell phone picture. Eric cleared some more space for me so that I can continue to make do until we figure out a more permanent solution. What I wanted to say yesterday was….

Happy Birthday, dad! My dad turned one year older yesterday, and we celebrated his birthday over the weekend.

We always say that my dad was born just one day too early…he's a jokester. ;)

March is definitely the "it" month for birthdays in our family. There are so many birthdays that we might as well print up our own calendars that read, "January, February, Month of Cake, April, May…." I'll tell you what. Carrot cake, chocolate cake, strawberry cake, banana cake…we've eaten lots of cake. It's a tough life we live.

We also celebrated my Grandma Linnertz's birthday this weekend. She and my uncle Charlie (whom we celebrated last weekend) aren't related at all, but they were born in the same month and happen to be the exact same age. Some of my family's trivia for you, haha.

On Saturday Eric was privileged to guest host a one-hour radio program on FM NewsTalk 97.1 where he was able to speak about a topic near and dear to his heart - poverty and what we can do about it. It was a great show, and you can listen to it right here. Eric was able to incorporate The Pitch and invite some guests on to discuss what we can do in our own backyards and around the world. I am really excited for him to share stories and pictures and possibly video from his recent trip to Haiti…but we need a working computer to do that. :)

Because he was hosting a show, Eric didn't have to go into the radio station to produce at his usual early hour, which meant he wasn't totally zonked for the rest of the day. I can't even tell you what a blessing that was! For years…ten years to be exact…Eric has given up his Saturdays to work on the radio. That meant he gave up Fridays as well, because it's early to bed for him. When he started working at the station, he was in high school, and he was paid zero dollars. That's $0.00. His nickname was "Intern Eddie." :)

He woke up at an insane hour on the weekends…in addition to going to school and working another job through the week…and was paid ZERO DOLLARS. Haha. He was also going to broadcasting school. Eric has always been a glutton for punishment.

But do you know what? That radio station job…the one he sacrificed a ton of time and energy for…eventually paid off big time. It has opened doors for friendships, careers, and unbelievable networking. Eric would not be where he is today if weren't for that radio internship and the important people he met there - some of his best friends today. And we would have never gotten tons of free concert tickets when we were young and poor. :)

With all of that said, having virtually no down time does eventually take it's toll. Our family has never had a day of the week to just be. Even our Sundays are full with church and other activities. It was kind of an unspoken promise that once we became debt free Eric would pull back on his hours at the radio station. It would mean no longer producing the show of one of Eric's very dearest friends, Dr. Randy Tobler…which is a little sad. But it's time for a break. We got a little taste this weekend of what it was like for Eric to have a piece of his life back…and it was wonderful. In just a couple of weeks, that will be our new reality.




Praise the Lord. No more early mornings at the radio!

Being debt-free has already been more than just a monetary blessing in our lives…it has afforded us to slowly but surely have the lifestyle we've always wanted - more time with family. Awesome. If anyone ever has any questions at all about that, do not hesitate to ask. We enjoy helping others on their journey, too!

We might possibly have some really fun news to share with you tomorrow. Staaaaay tuned! :)

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