Friday, May 16, 2014

Confession Friday 5-16!

Hello, friends! It's been one of those weeks around here. Eric finally threw up his hands and said, "Enough with these crazy people, I'm hijacking a plane and getting the heck out of Dodge!"

Not really. He had a work conference in Chicago, leaving me to hold down the fort. It just so happened that Eric was taking off on a plane the same day his brother flew in from Arizona, which is just...really bad timing, haha. So we're hoping that Eric gets back in time this evening to have a family dinner before Denny heads back home. We shall see!

This is so wrong, but speaking of dinner...haha.

A very momentous anniversary is coming around the corner. No, it's not our wedding anniversary. I confess that I will soon be celebrating 5 years of nonstop breastfeeding!! Woot! Yes, Reagan still nurses. And honestly, I'm just happy that certain parts of me haven't fallen right off. (Three more years of this, and studies tell me I am 99.9% guaranteed to never get breast cancer. Well, if I've come this far....haha.)

And speaking of celebrating 5 years....

That can only mean that a certain little girl is gearing up for a birthday! I confess that I am sticking to my guns and NOT doing big parties this year. Just something small with the grandparents. And...Evie wants a character birthday. Like, I can just walk in a store and buy the decorations. This has never happened before.

I confess that Sam's Club has the best store-brand toilet paper ever. Not even kidding. It's totally worth the membership just for the TP. :)

I confess that I had a scary moment right before going on the air at the Dave Ramsey Show last month. It was…an itch. On my ear. Under my headphones. I mean, I know it sounds dumb, but have you ever had an itch you can't scratch? I literally had seconds to decide if I should wince through the interview or move those perfectly placed headphones and scratch my darn ear as they were counting down, "5,4,3...." It was an intense few seconds, but I moved those headphones and scratched that itch. Probably freaked the producers out, but was a good choice.

A couple of un-shared photos from our time at the Dave Ramsey show. Remember how I told you that Reagan fell and got a giant goose egg right before we went on the air?

Womp womp. 

Should have seen it from the side!

I confess that I was flipping through old Facebook posts recently, and I stumbled across one from February 2012 that caught my attention. A friend of mine had posted on my wall, "I had a dream about you last night that you were pregnant - with a boy!" I honestly don't remember if I knew that I was pregnant then or not, but I said back, "Haha, that would be hilarious!" Thing is, I was pregnant…with a boy. Meagan Pflueger, I think you have a gift. :D About a month and a half later we were sharing the news!

I confess that this was the month that we would have welcomed home our fourth baby. Sigh. My, would life be looking quite different right now. can't dwell on what might have been, can you? I am very thankful for the babies I've held...and at least one child I still get to meet someday.

I confess that when Eric is away, the rest of us all pile into one bed and try our darndest to get comfortable at night. We are one big mess of tangled legs and arms in a much too small bed. But it's kinda nice, really. Until I have to untangle myself to sneak out and write a blog post. :)

I confess that I just ate a bowl of ice cream, followed by a piece of cold pizza from Mother's Day. Yeah, this late night blogging thing probably isn't so good for my see-food diet. I see it, I eat it. Badunk-ching!

^^I confess that I think I'm morphing into my husband with his corny joke telling. You should hear us together in the car. It's pretty bad. :)

I confess that nothing is cuter than a sleeping kid.
And so well behaved!

I confess that it's springtime which means I have HOUSE FEVER. Too bad we aren't purchasing a home any time soon. However, I can tell you any and every house that's listed for sale in a 30 mile radius. Haha. I make it my business to know these things.

I confess that if Eric and I ever find a breaking point in our's going to be over the purchase of our first home. Oh dear, it's not going to be a pretty thing to see. That's a blog post for a whole other day. :D

I hope you all have a great weekend! Ours is chalk full of stuff, which I'm really looking forward to. See you on Monday!


Heather said...

I love the idea of meeting my other 3 babies some day....thanks for that :)

I have a huge addiction to house hunting. Even the shows. Anything that lets me see in to someone else house and dream about having it for my own makes me happy.

Is Evie wanting a Frozen party? I want one. But I think people would raise their eyebrows a little, so I'm just going to do that for Kinley's 1st. Perfect for December.

Adrien said...

YEP! Frozen party - of course! Haha. I would be happy to assist you in any way. So much you can do!!

And yes. I absolutely believe that once life is created, that's it. No matter how short. Life isn't an accident, and I don't believe death is the end. Our babies are "alive" and well...just not here with us. :)

Meagan said...

hmmm...maybe I do have a gift!! I always have a weird feeling about people when they are pregnant but haven't announced it yet!


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