Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day weekend was...interesting. It was good! Mostly. And I was able to spend a lot of time being a mother, which only validated my share in the mom club. :)

We spent a ton of time all together as a family. We didn't go anywhere or do anything unless every single person was along and accounted for. Even the short trip to pick up the family pizza on Sunday night resulted in all five of us piling in the car, because don't you know that it takes five people to grab a box through the Pizza Hut window?

It all began on Friday evening when we spent a fun night at home watching movies and hanging out. Have you all seen Gravity yet? Don't watch it unless you want an ulcer, but Eric and I thought it was excellent. confirmed my resolution to never ever (ever) accept any invitations to travel into space. You never know when NASA might come calling, and if you are reading this NASA...NO. I will not do it.

While we're talking movies, I finally got a chance to see Saving Mr. Banks as well, and...I loved it. Just like I knew I would. See those movies, my friends.

Saturday was another family-filled day. First, with a gigantic wedding shower at the park for my cousin Ashley and her brand new husband Cody. They had a fantastic turn out!

It was a beautiful day with more of that gorgeous weather. The kids played and played until we made them leave to do some shopping. I love that Eric and I are finally at a point in our lives that we aren't afraid to take all of our kids out in public. Haha. When they act like hooligans, which they typically do, we laugh. It's the mark of parenthood insanity. When the first baby threw a fit in the store...we freaked out. When the second baby came along...we started avoiding the store all together - not even worth the humiliation. Well, now that our third child is getting a bit bigger we see our family as one big traveling comic act. We appear publicly for everyone else's entertainment.

Unfortunately, on the way home from our shopping excursion we started hearing some strange gagging noises coming from Reagan's carseat. Little buddy is still rear-facing, so I couldn't see him or help him, but Gracie announced to us all that her brother was tossing his cookies.


We brought him home and set up a spot on the couch, where he continued to get sick all evening long. So I got to wear the Dr. Mom hat this weekend as well, catching vomit in my hands a couple of times - you know...all of that glamorous mom stuff.

Luckily Reagan's rebound rate from sickness is quite impressive. Much like the bout of flu our family was struck with before Christmas, Reagan woke up the next morning fit as a fiddle. It was as if he had never gotten sick. Still, I wasn't about to take him to church in the nursery and possibly pass something along.

So on Mother's Day I did not get to attend church with my family, but instead I was left at home with a very disappointed little boy who didn't understand why he couldn't go with his dad and sisters. We had a quiet morning here where I was able to take my time getting ready for the day and do a few chores. Even on Mother's Day there are chores to be done. :)

But our day looked up from there when Eric and the girls walked back through the door bearing lunch and gifts and bright smiling faces. The girls were so excited to give me what they had been working on in Sunday School and also what they had picked out at the store for me. I love getting gifts from my kids, because I love the look on their faces when they give the gifts to me. (You should have seen me on Christmas Eve when Evie gave me a plastic pearl bracelet. Her face...her expectant, jubilant face...I totally did the ugly cry. Sobbed like a little baby. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids happy.)

Can't tell you how blessed I feel to play the mom part for this crew. Also...Reagan's pucker slays me. He gives the best kisses. 

We enjoyed spending the afternoon visiting with my mom and Eric's mom and then going out again to get groceries for the week. It was dinnertime by the time we got home, and since my one request for the day was "No cooking, please" that's when we decided to get that pizza I was talking about earlier. The rest of the evening was spent taking a long walk around town and then coming home to watch the season finale of my favorite show.

(OH MY GOSH!! Do any of you watch Once Upon a Time?? Holy crap!)

So overall, I really can't complain! Yes there was sickness thrown in there, and yes I was totally crabby for half of the weekend (maybe I didn't mention that part) but Mother's Day actually turned out quite nicely, thanks to Eric working behind the scenes and who always makes sure I feel loved and appreciated. He's the best, but I'll save that stuff for Father's Day. :)

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Sarah said...

I've been wanting to see Saving Mr Banks!!

And I am so with you. 3 children in public. Walking circus 😀


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