Friday, May 2, 2014

Nashville Vlog

We are back in business!!

So I am blogging from a new (to us) computer - which we scored an amazing craigslist deal on, just for the record :) Here's the story. We sent in our other computer to be worked on and then received a call a couple of days ago that it would cost us $750 to fix. Seven-hundred and fifty dollars. When our children destroy things, they do a fine and thorough job.

Well, we are way too cheap smart to put that much money into a computer that is probably on it's last leg anyway. We could get an awesome deal on something else for that. And that we did.

Now I can upload pictures and edit video and la ti da, I'm in heaven! All is right with the world again.  It's actually pretty comical what I've been blogging on for the past couple of weeks. Our old white computer...the poor thing. Reagan dropped it a few months ago and cracked the screen. Not the glass on the screen, but the actual picture on the screen. And then recently that line started spreading into a great black blob like that evil slime that took over Fern Gully. (Please tell me you know what I'm talking about.) I imagine it's just going to keep getting worse and worse. That computer is now known as "the children's computer," and they are not allowed to touch this one, haha.

Dinner stop on the road !

As promised, I threw together a quick video to share the "other" part of our recent trip to Nashville. It focuses less on the Dave Ramsey part and more on the "getting there" part. See what I did there? :) I had no idea what to expect out of my children when we set out on our road trip. This was one of the longest trips in the car for any of the kids, but especially Reagan. How did they do?? Well. Why don't you watch and see!

We had fun!

I am sooo happy that it's Friday. This week went by so slowly - but hey, it's May! This month we are looking forward to Evie's first field trip, preschool graduation and more. Should be fun. :) I hope you have a nice weekend. Stay safe and healthy, and we'll see you on Monday!


Sarah said...

I don't know why I cry every single time I watch your vlogs.. Like it doesn't even matter what they are about. I think they just capture how beautiful all those little moments are that in the end become the big moments. Love you Roberts ☺

Adrien said...

My dear Sarah, it's because you have the biggest heart!! Love! <3

Heather said...

I have missed you!!!!

Sara Simpson said...

Loved it!!!!!!


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