Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Play Ball!

There's a six-letter word in our house that is very taboo and practically forbidden. Say it, and my husband shudders and pulls some crazy faces.


We're just not big fans here. I know that makes us a little weird.

But. While we ourselves are not fanatics, both Eric and I can appreciate that others are. And we also appreciate that sports are sort of a universal language spoken wherever you go. They can bring people together, they can teach important life lessons...certainly they have their place, not only for entertainment, but as a tool for teaching and reaching out to others.

So you'll understand then how hilarious I find it that Eric has immersed himself in a ministry reaching young boys in Tabarre, Haiti through soccer...or as they call it, football.

Eric doesn't play soccer, doesn't know much about it, couldn't rattle off any players or many teams. But he does have a heart for sharing the love of God with others, and if soccer is a way to do it, then soccer it is!

Many of you know that Eric recently took a trip to Haiti to touch base with the ministry that he has helped to organize - The Pitch: Haiti. While there, he was able to get pictures and video of the kids and the volunteers who have dedicated their lives to sharing the love of God and making a difference in a poverty-stricken community.

Now that we have a working computer, I can finally show you just a small part of some of the footage Eric took while he was there. Most of the boys that you'll see in this video live in tent cities - their homes are literally tarps draped over sticks which house all of their family's belongings. Some of these boys sleep on dirt. Not blankets on dirt...they literally sleep on the ground with no pillows, no blankets, no anything. When we're talking poverty-stricken, we really mean poverty-stricken.

After the earthquake the area was completely wiped out. I really wish Eric could tell you all of the stories from his time down there. I'm still hoping he'll get an opportunity to share sometime. Perhaps the biggest impact the trip made on him was that despite their lack of material things, the children he met and spent time with were and are genuinely happy. Happy with who they are, and not what they have (or don't have.) Stuff just doesn't mean a lot to them, because they don't have a lot of stuff to worry about.

When Eric came home I had a depressed and mopey husband for a week. Not because of what he saw in Haiti, but for the oppression he felt coming back into a country, into a home, into a life, where materialism is rampant. He wasn't mad about it. He was sad about it. Is our joy and our contentment real and pure, or is it dependent on what we own and how much money is in our bank account?

It started a change in his heart about our goals as a family and what we hold important to us. Last night on our walk, Eric shared with me that he left a piece of his heart in Haiti, and he can't wait to go back there. I can't wait to go with him. :)

Without further ado, here is a video I put together last night on The Pitch!


Soccer isn't the only sport we've been thinking about around here, though. (I know, what has gotten into us?) We've recently taken an interest in some good old fashioned T-ball now that my brother John is on a team!

While he looks super cute in that little uniform, I do believe that John has inherited our lack of love for sports, haha. John was the kid on the field last night who was turned the wrong way, spinning his arms around and round like a helicopter, and doing high-kicks just for fun. It was...hilarious. :D

All of the other boys had a ball pitched to them at first, and if they didn't hit the ball then they used the Tee. Not John. "Hey, I want the Tee!!!" he yelled as he walked up to an empty plate. Baha. Don't you dare pitch to my brother. He signed up for T-ball, dontcha know?

Consequently, my mom is thinking of letting John play his first and last season of T-ball this spring, and she plans to sign him up for what else but...(drumroll)...SOCCER in the fall. It's becoming a family affair. :) I'm thinking we'll have to train up Reagan in the sport as well...you know...so he can keep up with his Haitian friends someday. Haha!

I hope you have a great day!

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Heather said...

I'm with you on the whole sports thing. Blech. But my niece and nephew are both in to it now...so no turning back :) And good for you guys, The Pitch is amazing!!


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