Monday, May 5, 2014

Snapshots of a Weekend!

Spring has, admittedly, never been one of my favorite seasons of the year. It actually ranks number 3 on my seasons list, in case you were wondering. Fall, Summer, Spring, Winter - that's the way I order things. If it's January, I'm probably not a happy person. If it's October - you can't wipe the dopey grin off of my face. And if it's April or May...I am likely sneezing and sound like I'm wearing a nose plug.

When I think of spring I think of rain and allergies, haha. I love seeing the beauty of new life all around, but it doesn't come without a few growing pains. HOWEVER. This weekend might have gained spring back a few points in my book. I almost forgot about the chest cold I have and the pressure in my head as I strolled beneath the shade trees in my grandma's yard and soaked up the sun every time we stepped outside. It was gorgeous here. It was like...summer-lite. Perfection.

We started our weekend off right with a steak dinner and a night of some Dr. Mario. Eric and I love Dr. Mario. He beats me almost every time. But I could still play that game all night long, haha. Okay, so the reason that our night sounds so lame was because Eric had to fill in for someone at the radio station the next day, and we had an early night. But really, it wasn't lame, because we are perfectly content with steak and Dr. Mario.

Saturday was fabulous. We had a late gathering for Easter and my grandpa's birthday at my grandma and grandpa's house. I couldn't help but smile as I walked laps around my grandma's house over and over and over, following a toddling Reagan. He was trying to keep up with all of the other kids who were playing tag. It looked exactly like my childhood 25 years ago...playing tag with my cousins around the same yard. I can't tell you how happy that makes my heart.

Grandparents should never be allowed to move. Their house is like home base for memories. :)

After a fun afternoon of eating and playing Eric and I had a date night, which included a bit of this....

And all of the other usual stuff. I will never get sick of hanging out with that guy, and it doesn't matter what we do, I'm just happy to be with him. Aww. Haha.

Sunday brought another busy morning of Sunday School with those energetic kiddos! :) Only this time we added an extra important element to the mix: glitter. We're working on Mother's Day projects, and no project is complete without a healthy dose of glitter. My hands were excessively sparkly for the rest of the morning. :)

The kids played in the front yard Sunday afternoon before Eric mowed the grass. The dandelions were as high as an elephant's eye. 

On Sunday evening we had another "Managing God's Money" class - thank you, Eric - and then we picked up our kids from Eric's parents house, where we found the girls trying to fly a kite. They were having kind of a difficult time, so Eric decided to try his hand at it.

Hehe, these pictures crack me up. 

Then Reagan decided to grab the kite string and drag everyone along...

He pulled them all over the yard. :)

I think my kids lived outside this weekend. When they weren't with us, they were hanging out with their grandma Joan at the park or swimming in the heated baby pool. It's a hard life they lead, I'll tell you what.

It was a beautiful weekend, and this week promises some more of that same great weather.  There are some thunderstorms threatening us at the end of the week, and I'm just praying that they hold off long enough for Evie and her friends to have a rain-free field trip on Thursday. It's amazing how much sunshine feeds the soul. I hope that you are able to get out and enjoy some of that re-charging sunshine this week!

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