Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Start of Our Weekend - Pre-K Graduation!

I am completely overwhelmed by this weekend.

Sometimes there is very little to tell about, and sometimes there is so much that I don't even know where to start. Our weekend began on Thursday and went through Monday, and it feels like it all started a month ago. :)

Many of you know by now that we had a huge surprise for my mom on Friday. My sister Shannon, who is a Marine stationed in North Carolina, came for a visit over the long holiday weekend. I'm pretty sure that I was the only family member who knew she was coming, and I'm pretty sure that it made my mom's summer already, haha. My mama was definitely surprised! It was wonderful getting to spend time with my sister, and I plan to share more about that tomorrow!

Before marines came marching home, we had a preschool graduation in our family. I didn't get a chance to share much of that last week, and I certainly don't want to skip it. It's how we started our weekend, and it was such a cute and memorable way to begin it.

First, let me just say that, generally speaking, I am a rule follower. I know that's shocking to many of you. :) So when a note was sent home saying, "There is no need for your child to be at school before 5:50pm. The doors will not be opened, " I took that as meaning, "Don't come early!" So I didn't. We came at 5:50pm. And I bet you can't guess what happened.

Haha. The entire cafeteria was already packed with people. Clearly, the doors were opened before 5:50pm. We found ourselves a seat in the very far corner in the very back of the room. And now I know not to take memos from the school seriously anymore. ;) It's too bad this knowledge will do me no good, as this was the first and the last preschool graduation that we will be attending at this school.  Grace will get one year here next year before we move away. *Tear* Don't wan't to talk about that.


We really didn't care about the seating thing, I just thought it was funny. :) And it didn't matter, because once the show began, we went to stand in the back of the room with half of the other parents to get pictures and video. 

Evelyn had been singing the cutest song at home all week in preparation for the very short but very adorable performance. I'm going to try to work it into a vlog for this week, because it would just be a shame not to.

And soon it was time for each of the kiddos to get their "diplomas." Evie was one of the last names called thanks to being a "Robert" in the afternoon class. You could tell watching her that she was so excited every time one of her friend's names were called out...but eventually...I think she started getting worried that she was never going to get hers, haha. Sorry, sister. I have no experience being at the end of the alphabet in school, myself. I was an "F" kid growing up. ;)

But as you can see, she did indeed get her diploma!

As the kids were dismissed to go back and sit with mom and dad, we watched as Evelyn went the exact opposite direction of where we had been sitting. "What is she doing? Is she lost?" There was a moment that we lost sight of her in a sea of kids, but then the crowd parted and we saw that she wasn't confused at all. Instead of coming straight back to us, she ran over to her teacher Ms. Leslie and gave her a hug. :D 

Afterwards there were cookies to be eaten.

And my children love cookies.


Before we left for the evening, we had to make sure to say goodbye and thank you to Ms. Leslie one last time for the school year. This was the perfect time for Grace to get to meet her teacher for next year. Our little Gracie girl will be in the afternoon class, just like her big sister was. 

I am SO thankful for our school and the teachers in it. I love teachers. It was what I was going to be before I decided that being a mom full-time was what I was called to do. I just can't express enough how thankful I am to know there are caring adults who want to grow our children. That's fantastic to me. I am thankful that in our small community our public school teachers still have the freedom to do that...to be creative and use their strengths in a safe environment. Ms. Leslie and Mrs. Mueth are running a wonderful Pre-K program at our public school. I wouldn't hesitate to send any of our friends their way. :)

We are still strongly entertaining the idea of homeschooling after next year, so I am trying to savor these moments that we have while we have them. Man...that's another post for another day. (I've been saying that a lot lately!)

We ended our day on Thursday by letting Evie choose to do what she wanted. And what did she want to do? To play on the playground, of course!

Tonight Evelyn has Kindergarten screening. And time just keeps ticking away....

It's funny. That night as we were sitting around a cafeteria table, Eric's dad Greg was asking my mom how Shannon was doing and when she would get to come home next. I was sitting right across from them with my knowledge of what was happening the next day tucked inside my noggin.

"Oh, it will be a while before she's home again," my mom said. "She has to save up so many days to get leave."

Bwahaha. It was so hard not to smile and give it away. :)

To be continued....


Cassie said...

wait wait wait wait wait = you guys are MOVING away!!

you can't put one line in like that and then say NOTHING else.

Adrien said...

Haha, yes. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it a few times. We're moving to Columbia. Not far, just not here. Definitely not the same schools. :)

Cassie said...

wow - i have NO idea how i missed that. or maybe i am just living in denial. lol.

well - good luck!

Heather said...

Cheeks most likely won't be attending Red Bud either. Pretty sure we are going to go through the Waterloo school district. I am definitely not meant to live in this town forever. I saw the video of Shannon coming home. So sweet!!


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