Monday, May 19, 2014

The Weekend in Fast Forward

Are you ready for the quickest weekend wrap up ever? I have 20 minutes to write this thing. Feel free to read it like the fast talking guy from the 80's Micro Machines commercials, cause that's about as fast as I'm typing it. :)

First, on Friday. Eric ended up getting home earlier than I expected which was amazing and the kids were super excited to have their dad least the ones who were at home. This guy didn't want to let go of his daddy for the entire rest of the weekend.


Our day was sweetened when we discovered something fun in our pile of mail. Tickets to a party at Disney World!

Reagan doesn't need one, because he's free. Just the way we like it. Haha. Several things have changed about our trip since the last time I updated, but I don't want to Disney you out or anything. Cause you know...don't get me started!

We surprised Evie with Eric when we picked her up from school and ended up hanging out at my parent's house for the afternoon where a MIRACLE happened that maybe I'll get to tell you about someday, but it set the tone for an awesome rest of the weekend. That evening we had a special dinner at Eric's parent's house with Denny and the rest of the immediate Greg Robert family. :) It was great! The kids got to run around with cousins and we had a yummy catered meal. Why don't I get meals catered for parties? It would save me a giant headache as I am no cook. Anyway.

So, Saturday. It was date night Saturday. It was fabulous as usual.

And Sunday was jam-packed. So full that I didn't even get to do all of the things I had planned to do. We had plans to meet with some of Eric's co-workers at the Strawberry Fest for lunch. Church was great on Sunday morning, but it ran over, which meant lunch was pushed back a bit, which meant all of the rest of our plans were pushed back, too, haha.

Kids waiting for balloons at the Strawberry Festival!

But they got tired of waiting. 

Slides are better...

We had a delicious lunch with great friends and family and it was a beautiful afternoon. I was sad to discover the time and what I had feared, that I wouldn't have time to make it to a friend's baby shower. Our friends and neighbors Jeremy and Christina are expecting their first baby in July, a boy, and they chose a super cute and meaningful name for their son:

We ended up taking a walk yesterday evening and we ran into Jeremy and Christina on our front lawns - yay! So even though I wasn't able to make it the shower, we were still able to deliver a gift and chat a bit. 

I know I'm leaving a bunch of things out, but you know what, time is up. Micro Machines commercial ends right!

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