Friday, June 13, 2014

Evelyn's 5th Birthday

Well, I would say that Evelyn had a great birthday yesterday...even if it totally wasn't the day we had planned for her.

There is a reason why we tend to keep outings a secret from our kids. It's not always just about the element of surprise - which is exciting for sure, but not really why we do it. It's because up until the very second that we are checking in to our final destination, there are no guarantees that we will actually make it there. And disappointment...gosh darn, it's a lesson all kids have to learn, but one that I just hate.

Thankfully, we followed our normal protocol yesterday and Evelyn was none the wiser on what we missed out on. :) She was a happy birthday girl from start to finish, and that's what matters. And really, the day wasn't bad at all. Not what we planned, but definitely not bad!

To give you a little background, Eric has been suffering from what we are pretty sure is seasonal asthma - a new development over the last few years which has gotten really bad this Spring. The poor guy can barely breathe right now, and after his last trip to the doctor this week it was discovered that his oxygen levels are way low. He is taking a medication that we hope and pray with do the trick for him, but so far, it's as bad as ever.

We were halfway to our destination yesterday (we were going to go to Grant's Farm) when Eric discovered he had forgotten his medication at home. He was gripping the steering wheel to take deep breaths, which I'm used to by now, but it's still a little freaky. Anyway. Being outside makes the condition even worse, and we had to look at each other and make the call that there was just no way it was going to work.

So...plan B.

"Hey Evie, where do you want to go today?"

"The mall!" she said.

And that we could do for her. :)

Before we knew our plans had changed for the day, we stopped at Uncle Bruce's shop in Columbia to print out some coupons. And while we were there, Bruce gave Evie a $10 bill, which she thought was AWESOME. :)

Our first stop in the mall was to the bookstore, and the kids could have just stayed there all day playing with the train table. It's so cute to hear Reagan say, "Choo choo!" Ah, someday we'll have enough space for a playroom.

Evelyn had already received a birthday gift that morning - her very first real lego set. Eric had picked it out for her, and it turned out to be a BIG hit! So of course while we were out shopping, we had to stop in at the Lego store to check things out.

The girls were mesmerized! I can't wait to take them to the Lego store at Downtown Disney. :)

We had a fun family time just hanging out and grabbing lunch. And honestly, when we were done at the mall we asked Evie what she wanted to do next, and she said that she wanted to go home to put together her new Lego set. Such an easy to please kid!

We were so impressed by how well Evelyn followed the instructions to put her set together. She did a lot of it all on her own, and I do believe we have a new addiction in our house. :)

While the girls went to their swimming lessons with grandma Joan, Eric and I snuck around and got Evie a birthday cake. It was totally Eric's idea, haha, because Evelyn will have a cake on Saturday, too. But he absolutely insisted that she needed a cake on her actual birthday. So after Evelyn's choice of dinner (Dairy Queen, haha) we surprised her with the happy birthday song. 

Evelyn spent the rest of the evening playing Mario Kart with her dad and taking a nice sudsy bubble bath. Reagan is sitting beside me trying to blow the candles out of this picture, haha. :)

It could have been any typical sort of day...nothing super "special" or anything. But Evelyn spent the day doing exactly what she wanted. We had plans for her that didn't work out, but she had some plans of her own that made her happy as a clam. Even at the very end of the day Eric was worried that we hadn't made the day special enough, but when I looked at our content kid, I knew we had done just what we were supposed to. Grant's Farm will be there another day. And we still have a small family party to look forward to this weekend. I'm happy to have a daughter that thinks lunch and a stroll around the mall makes for "the best day ever!" It's the little things. :)

Hope you all have a great weekend! I can't wait to put together Evie's birthday party and for Father's Day on Sunday. I just wanted to remind you that Eric is speaking at church on Sunday, and we'd love to have you there! Service starts at 10:45. :) Happy Friday!

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Cassie said...

i agree some of the best days are the ones when you let the kids take control. they are just so thrilled, and i love it!

somedays when i pick the kids up from the baby sitters stella will say, 'how about we eat out tonight.' and you know what, we go with it. because life is life, things change, nothing is set in stone and sometimes rolling with it, is the best way to go!


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