Monday, June 16, 2014

Evie's FROZEN Birthday Party

Once upon a time, there was a hypnotizing movie produced by Disney, filled with sparkling ice palaces and a funny snowman and the most played songs from a cartoon It was a child's dream movie. And Disney, being the marketing geniuses that they are...ahem...miscalculated the popularity of this particular film. So much so, that it has caused a bit of pandemonium in stores and on the internet and everywhere else....

Finding merchandise from the movie Frozen, is, well, sort of like a parent's unasked for hobby at the moment. If you want something, you have to stalk the internet like mad...waiting, hoping, praying, that the Disney Store will re-stock a coveted toy the very minute that you log onto the website, because that's about as long as you have to buy it before it sells out. And then greedy (or maybe smart) people buy a dozen of something at a decent price, then sell it for four times as much on ebay or amazon. There are lotteries on Saturdays in stores for the dress up clothes. LOTTERIES...for the privilege to buy some cheap fabric. In other words, finding anything other than a book with the Frozen characters on it either costs you an arm and a leg, or is sheer dumb luck.

My girls, like so many others, are obsessed with the movie, so I wasn't surprised when Evelyn asked for a Frozen birthday party this year. I knew I could have fun with the theme, but I also knew it could get costly, which was exactly what I was trying to avoid by having smaller parties this year. Our guest list was small, so I didn't want to go overboard...but oh the ideas. So many ideas. :) 

I didn't get everything accomplished that I wanted to, but in the end I think things turned out nicely. Evelyn, Grace, and Reagan had a GREAT time, and many fun memories were made. Evie was ecstatic to have some of her closest family members here to celebrate with her - whooping it up every time someone came in the door. Evelyn is a people person...and she loves her people. :)

The girls helped me with the party set up. We tried to get a picture with some of our friends, haha.

You can't have a Frozen party without rock candy. I'm pretty sure that's some sort of rule. (And believe it or not, the best deal on rock candy is at Party City. I can't usually say that about Party City on anything else, but for rock candy - they win.) Hi, Olaf! 

Find an awesome Olaf printable here. I cut him out and made a back for him from cardboard so that he could stand up. Even if you're not throwing a Frozen party, it's still fun to cut out and assemble Olaf!

I vowed to save time on parties this year by store-buying almost everything. But I couldn't resist making at least one thing from scratch. I always make the "Happy Birthday" signs for the kids. Evelyn's fit the theme this year with sparkling blue hues and snowflakes.

Evelyn and Grace loved that Anna and Elsa showed up for the party. :) This was a surprise that I put up at the last minute. The girls talked to them and gave them hugs like they were real people, haha. 

Soon guests began arriving and we wasted no time eating snacks!

I kept it so simple this year. Taco dip and some "snowball" cookies were set out. And for our dinner we! From Pizza Hut. I hardly cooked at all, and you know what - it was the most relaxed and fun party ever. I've realized after doing this a time or two that it's not the cleaning or the decorating or the hosting that stresses me out. It's the food prep. I'm not a cook, and since so much of the cooking is left to the last minute, it's always what causes me grief on the day of the party. I loved ordering out and just enjoying things!

After dinner, it was time for the one thing that Evelyn specifically requested for her birthday - a piñata. 

I'm so glad that pull-string piñatas were invented - you can do them anywhere. And you can enlist your husband to hold it up for you. I wouldn't recommend that with a regular piñata...unless you happen to be mad at your husband. ;)

The kids ended up with BULGING bags of candy and treats...I might have overfilled that thing for just four kiddos. :)

Cake and ice cream were up next!

I ordered a personalized cake topper from amazon. It worked out perfectly! Once again, keeping it simple, you can just order the edible topper, pick up a blank cake from the store, and assemble it yourself. It was yummy and stress free, and there's no way I could have made her a better Frozen cake on my own. 

These are always my favorite party pictures. Love capturing kids' faces during the "Happy Birthday" song. 

The only problem one wanted to eat Anna or Elsa...haha. We had to cut the feet first. :)

Finally, it was present time. Evelyn received many wonderful gifts - including a lot of new Barbies AND Ken dolls. She was in Heaven! And oh my goodness, Barbie playing has gotten a lot more interesting since boys were introduced, haha. It's like a soap opera playing out around here every day. 

As you can see, Evie was just a little excited. :)

And her new toys wasted no time going on dates... oh brother! 

I know I say this almost every time, but...I think this was my favorite party yet. :) Good food, good company...and I didn't feel stressed for a minute. Most importantly, Evelyn had a lot of input and a great time. 

There are so many things you can do with this theme, and I know several people who are also having Frozen parties this year! One mom I know even had a "Frozen in Summer" birthday with hula skirts and leis, just like Olaf wears during his song. So creative! I had to hold myself back from doing everything I saw on the internet or thought of, haha. But...Gracie says she also wants to have a Frozen party. (Of course!) So if she doesn't change her mind between now and then, maybe I can do some of those other ideas. :)

Another birthday party down, another day of wonderful memories. 

One guess what was on our TV. :)

Have a great day, friends!


Heather said...

I already booked Kinley's first birthday party. And you can bet your butt her theme will be Frozen. Perfect for December. And she totally asked for it already :)

Adrien said...

You will have much better luck finding things in November/December, too!! I loved the colors for the theme. I know you'll have fun with it! :)

Sarah said...

We did a small family party for Loggie too. When I think back on all the time & money I have spent on prior just seems silly. Plus! It's nice to spend the day with your birthday baby rather than running around hosting the entire time.

I had to laugh when I saw the Barbie & Ken picture. I only had one Ken growing up. What a lucky girl.

Christine Pettijohn said...

Super cute!! Looks like she had a lot of fun. You should do party planning for a job. You do such a good job and are so creative.


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