Monday, June 30, 2014

Fireman's Picnic Weekend!

It is one of our favorite weekends of the entire year, and this year didn't disappoint! The weather turned out to be perfect for the annual Fireman's Picnic and parade - a tradition I have loved and looked forward to since I was my kids' ages. There was fun to be had, and we had it! :)

This was an especially great year, because all of our kids were old enough to enjoy it. We definitely saw a lot of Reagan's smirky-smile as he got to ride all of the rides with his sisters. On Friday night we packed up and went in search of blinky lights, sweet smells, and music. :)

Check out that smirk. 

We pulled out all the stops, and there was no carnival fare left behind. We rode the rides, played the games, devoured funnel cake and drank lemon shake ups, bought cotton other words - it was quite an expensive weekend, haha. The kids had a blast. 

The girls had never shown much interest in playing games in years past...maybe that's because we always tried to steer away from that part of the picnic. :) But they were so into it this year. We couldn't resist letting them try their hand at a prize or two - and since every one is a winner, could we refuse?

The man running the fishing game was super nice to us. Technically Reagan didn't play his game (we certainly didn't pay for him to) but when it came time to pick out prizes, he handed Reagan a purple ball of his own. That made our son very happy. Thanks carnival guy! :)

We went home that night with our dinner (dodging the color runners - we had to turn around three times to get to our house, haha) and enjoyed relaxing and watching some Netflix. It was a great night!

Saturday was a full day of events that I didn't get to go to. My 10 year class reunion was on Saturday, and months ago I had told Eric he should take off of work so that we could go. Well...last week it hit me that we had never followed through with that plan and I was on my own. Then we discovered we were low on reinforcements this weekend (grandparents out of town), and there was NO WAY I was taking all three of my kids to my 10 year high school reunion on my own. Even though it was a family-friendly event, it would have been no fun for me at all chasing my kids around. So we settled for "date night" with all of the kiddos along for the ride on Saturday night. Lots of shopping, and later that evening, a walk around town.

Sunday found us at church in the morning. I didn't know Eric was taking pictures in Sunday School, but I found them on our computer, haha. Here we are getting ready to start our lesson for the day.

We had a great morning in Sunday School!

After lunch and naps, we joined my mom and John for some fun at the Fireman's parade. 

Ready to set out for the fun!

I think we took more video than pictures of this day. (Maybe I can put up a vlog this week!) It was a long parade, and the weather was awesome! The kids really enjoyed themselves. Even Reagan, who wanted so desperately to run out in the middle of the road to get candy with the big kids. We only or two meltdowns from one of ours who is "too old" for a nap, but who still needs one. :)

We ended our weekend in a similar way that we always do....

With a long walk around town and a terrible phone photo to prove it. :)

It was an awesome weekend full of family time. I'd like to say we did it all for the kids, but I have to admit that there was some selfishness involved. I love it all just as much as they do! Maybe even more. I can't go to the picnic or the parade without immediately being taken back to my own childhood days of summer with my cousins. So much fun, so many great memories. I hope my kids look back with fondness on it all, too.

I know so many of our friends had similar weekends to ours. Wherever you are, near or far, I hope that you had a good weekend, too!


Cassie said...

i agree - perfect weather this weekend!!

ps - i thought you were just one year older than eric, so in danielle's class? their reunion is in july.....

maybe i am just crazy and you aren't in her class? lol.

Adrien said...

Nope, two years older! :D We missed our 10 year last year, so technically it was an 11 year reunion, haha. Most of my closest friends were in the grade below me. I think a lot of people thought I was in that class!


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