Monday, June 23, 2014

First Summer Weekend!

Happy summer!

I had such a great weekend. Best one in quite a while! Friday was pretty chill, I'm trying to remember what we did, but I think we just took a walk.

Saturday was full and fun. Reagan was cracking me up at breakfast. :)

Bagel face! Or I guess I should say, cream cheese face.

The girls were all set to go to cheerleading camp on Saturday morning. I don't think either of them really knew what to expect. Grace kept asking me if they were going to be roasting marshmallows at camp. Haha. Uh, no, Gracie girl. 

After the girls had left, Reagan and I embarked on a mission to spy on casually walk by the park and see all of the cheerleading cuteness. We tried out the new walking trail at Lincoln Park which connects to our subdivision....

What I saw when we walked by was...hilarious. All of the girls were doing bridges (like a backbend) except of course for my children who had no idea what to do, haha. I saw Grace laying on the ground trying to figure out how the other kids were doing what they were doing, and Evelyn was just standing there with a look on her face that said, "No way. Not even trying that." :)

In all fairness, the girls were the youngest ones there. I got the impression that most of the other kids were returning cheerleaders for the Muskets football team. And then Evelyn fell on the ground and scraped her knee, and that was it. Not feeling it. She came home early. :) Gracie stuck it out a little longer, as she was actually enjoying herself. But I think the heat was getting to her, and she didn't make it all the way through, either. Ha!

I asked the girls, "Do you want to try again next year when you are a little bit older and bigger?

Evelyn: "Nooope."
Grace: "But I do!"

That is SO their personalities. It doesn't look like Evelyn is going to be a cheerleader anytime soon. Grace, however, was doing jumps all over the house for the rest of the afternoon. :)

On Saturday night Eric and I had a great "date night." I don't know if there is much I can say about it, except it was a great night out with my boys...both of them. Shopping and eating, sounds good to me! We came home, got our girls, and finished the evening with a family movie night.

On Sunday after church I had a girls day out with my mom. We went to see Maleficent, which we both really liked! It was nice to get away for a little while with just my mom. It's funny...I don't know how many of my friends can say this, but my mom still has kids at home - including a first grader. So it's very rare that we get to go out and do anything where at least one of us doesn't have a kid or two in tow. Ah, freedom. :) Thanks for a great day out, mom!

That evening Eric and I had dinner plans with some of Eric's co-workers, which is always a good time. It cracks me up the places we choose to eat. Several people drove several miles to meet us in Red Bud and have...drumroll please...the DiCarlos buffet! :D But hey, it's DiCarlos, worth the drive right? Haha. 

We met up with the kids at the playground afterwards, and took them over to my parent's house to see John's new pet - Biscuit!

They are enamored. All I have heard this morning is, "When can we go see biscuit? When can we go see biscuit?" 

The Feldt family is now opening up a petting zoo. Dogs, fish, birds, and now a guinea pig! There is no shortage of small animals around. :)

This morning finds us all relaxing and Eric sitting at a computer taking practice tests for an exam he has later today. PLEASE say a prayer for him! It's a big deal that he passes this test the first time, because he really really doesn't want to have to take it again in a month, haha. It's not an easy exam. (It's for work, not school.) He has to drive to Marion to take it, and he will get the results back right away. So we're keeping our finger crossed for good results! We can all take a deep breath if he passes. :)

I'm looking forward to getting my house in order today, and gosh darn it, gotta take those kids to see Biscuit. (They just asked me again.) Hope you have a great day and a great week. Goooo team! ;)

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