Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy Birthday, Eric!

Doing things a little bit backwards this week! I was getting ready for a visit to the magical land of saliva ejectors and mouth-mirrors...off to see the wonderful wizard of gauze...aka: the dentist...during regularly scheduled blogging hours yesterday. And I would love to share with you our weekend today, except that it happens to be a special day in our family, and I can't skip this one.

They say it's your birthday! DUN NUH DUN NUH DUN UH! We're gonna have a good time! DUN NUH DUN NUH DUN UH! I'm glad it's your birthday! DUN NUH DUN NUH DUN UH! Happy birthday to you!

Eric is the big 2-7 today. Twenty-seven years old. Woo-wee, time flies. But if a stranger asks, he's like 32, okay? Haha. No one ever believes Eric's age.

We'll be having a little celebration when Eric gets home from work tonight with some of his favorite - ice cream cake. Definitely a cheat night on the ole diet plan. Evelyn spent the better part of last night on our walk and at home whispering very loudly right in front of her dad that she would distract him today while I put up some decorations.  And then when she found out he would be at work all day anyway, she whispered even more loudly while on his lap, "Great - we can decorate while he's at work!"

Gonna have to work on her subtleties a bit. :)

I am very happy for Eric today, because he has finally reached a milestone birthday that he has waited several years for. Each year as the calendar pages have turned, Eric has said, "We're going to be debt-free by my next birthday....Next year, it'll happen....For real, we'll be debt-free by this time next year."

Well, congratulations, my dear! We've finally made it! YOU made it! By God's grace, you made it happen, and I couldn't be more proud of you. I know that Eric's spirit rests a little easier now, and that is the best birthday gift ever.

I was looking through some old posts of birthdays past, and I'm not quite sure I can top last years. All of those things I thought of Eric still hold true to this day, and then some. We continue to grow and to learn together and to evolve our relationship, our priorities, our goals, and our opinions.

It just so happens that I have been reading a lot of articles lately on how people change, and how that change is often what ends a relationship. But I think that's kind of cop-out bull crap. Haha. Because if you are purposefully in-sync with your partner, those changes happen harmoniously. You grow together, not apart. It's only when the world distracts you, other people distract you, when temptations distract you, that change draws a wedge between you and them. Of course people change. Know that from the beginning, and it won't surprise you when you wake up one day and realize that neither of you are the same people you were even five years ago. That's okay. Have you been together all that time? Have you made decisions together? Loved together? Supported each other? Forgiven each other? Learned together? Experienced together? If so, then you have changed together.

Don't be afraid when you look that person you love in the face and hardly recognize who they once were. They are likely looking back at you and thinking the same thing. :)

The Eric Robert I knew at the beginning of our marriage was not a deacon at our church. He wasn't the father of three children. He didn't have the same job. He didn't make the same salary. Eric didn't carry nearly the emotional, spiritual, or financial responsibilities that he does now. He hadn't begun his Master's degree or any other designations for work.  He hadn't helped to start a ministry and travel to a third-world country...looking extreme poverty right in the face and dealing with that...wrestling with that in his own heart and mind.

Just five birthdays ago, Eric was a very different man. Knowing his plans for the future, in five years from now he will be even more different then than he is today, and that's just fine.

On this birthday, I see a man who has developed deep convictions, who loves children, who is the spiritual leader of our household and who takes that responsibility very seriously. I see a more confident and assertive person. I see five more years of proven faithfulness and love. I'm proud of who he has grown to be. I loved him then, and somehow I love him even more now.

Eric, I hope you have a great day today. We will be anxiously waiting for you when you get home! I can't wait to celebrate your 27th year - I think it's going to be a good one. :) Thanks for doing life with me. Here's to twenty-seven more years and then some!



Cassie said...

you two are just awesome.

happy birthday to eric!
cheers to many more.

Christine Pettijohn said...

Happy Late Birthday Eric!! Love the post!


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