Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Life Lately :)

What has the Robert clan been up to lately? Sharing some snapshots of life today - a catch up of our weekend and more!

First of all, we have been soaking up the sunshine and warm weather like a sponge. After a long winter we have been so ready to enjoy the outdoors again. If you live in our town, then chances are you'll see us out walking at some point in the evenings, because we have been back to our full time walking routine. Ahh - best time of the year!

And speaking of walking in the evenings...we've been doing our extra-long routes for a very specific reason. 

So...I think the earth trembled and the mountains moved a little, because I've decided to CLEAN UP MY DIET. I mean. Go me. Haha. I have never, ever watched what I ate. Ever. I always knew that I needed to, but I could never bring myself to do it. 

I am a sugar-addict. It's terrible and sad. I love candy and cakes. And I LOVE sweet tea and lemonade. But no more - I can't keep eating like a college kid for the rest of my life. So totally randomly last Friday I decided to cut back the sugar in my life significantly. I still eat fruit and bread, but no more sweet snacks or sugared-drinks. And maybe it's all in my head, but in just five days I think I'm already seeing and feeling a difference. 

We're doing our longer walking routes, because it takes more time. And if we're out walking, I'm not at home thinking about snacks, during what used to be the most dangerous time of the day for such things. Our family loves to bake cookies, brownies etc. in the evenings together. So my body has been sort of trained to crave those things then, haha. Walking keeps me moving and away from the oven. :)

That's enough about me!  

Our kids have been living in bathing suits so far this summer. 

Unless we're talking about Reagan, who apparently has been living in his sister's underwear. :) Haha, sorry buddy. Need to leave some trunks for him at grandma and grandpa's!

Warm water from the hose at Eric's parent's house means the kids can swim on demand any time they want with no waiting for the water to heat up. They have no idea how lucky they are. :)

The girls have also been enjoying swimming lessons....

Evelyn and Grace are in the evening class...and they are the only kids! So they have essentially been getting private lessons for 45 minutes every evening, which is totally awesome. I'm really glad that they are unafraid of the water already, but it's nice to know they are getting some skills to put our minds at ease. We have many plans to swim this summer, including on Evelyn's birthday, but shh...she doesn't know yet. 

We plan to check one off of our bucket list next Thursday by taking the kids someplace they have never been. Eric always tries to take the kids' actual birthdays off of work so that we can have a special day with them. I can't wait! 

Meanwhile, I've been gathering things for a little party for Evelyn next Saturday. She, like half of the other girls in the country, has asked for a Frozen birthday party. So easy and fun to shop for snowflakes in summer, right? Haha. But I think I can pull something quick and simple together for a grandparents-only birthday party. We shall see how it turns out!

Last night we celebrated Eric's birthday with his choice of dinner (hot wings and salad - yum!) and our first "cheat" dessert. Eric HAS to have ice cream cake on his birthday. It's a household rule.

Grace and I picked out a special oreo ice cream cake. Not exactly the traditional kind Eric usually gets, but everyone agreed it was extra declicous! is a random picture of Evelyn, who insisted on wearing snuggly pajamas and a hat after her swimming lessons. :)

We had a really nice evening. I hope Eric enjoyed his birthday!

Today we are relaxing on our FIRST lazy day of summer. No plans in sight, and I'm glad for that. We are hanging out at home and I hope that I can get the house prepped and ready for cleaned carpets. Maybe finish up shopping online for Evie's birthday. And I need to track down the absolute cheapest tickets I can find to Six Flags. If you have any tips, let me know! I am all about finding the very best deal there is. I'm not cheap - I'm resourceful! ;)

That's life in a nutshell right now. I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, but you know what, I think it's time for me to get back to this lazy day that I've looked forward to. :) Peace out.


Sarah said...

We've slowed down on the birthday train around here too. I've found that the boys (and myself) enjoy quiet birthday parties with just our inner circle so much more!!

You tell Eric I plan on having homemade ice cream cakes in my future ice cream shop ☺️

Cassie said...

go you on the no sugar! i agree, the more i am away from home, the less i think about food. until i get to work and subway is RIGHT next door and i can smell it through the walls damnnnnnnnn.

yay for PRIVATE lessons. that's awesome! i am with evie, after swimming i want to go home and put on warm clothes too!!


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