Thursday, June 19, 2014

Life's A Picnic

We won't be celebrating the first official day of summer until Saturday, but whew! Could have fooled me. It has definitely felt like summer around here, so we decided not to waste any time getting to work on that bucket list of ours. The girls and I wanted to switch things up for lunch this week, so we packed a little cooler full of goodies and dug our picnic blanket out of the closet to cross off #1 on the list:

1. Have a family picnic. 


( was a mostly family picnic. Eric was at work!)

There is a perfect tree for spreading a picnic blanket under right across from my parent's house in the schoolyard. In the shade with a nice cool breeze blowing it seemed that we were set for a dreamy little lunch. I sighed as I began making plates for my kids, happy that we chose this day to picnic before it really does get surface-of-the-sun-hot around here. 

A drink for me, a drink for Ken. Haha.

The kids were loving it, and so was I. Until....

The flies started attacking our food.
A spider ran across my camera.
And a small green worm decided to fall on me and do a little dancing/burrowing jig on my forearm.

It was beautiful, but I think the longer I'm married to Eric, the shorter my tolerance is for the great outdoors, haha. I sort of lost my appetite after the worm thing. :)

It was at that point that I started rushing the kids along. "Okay guys, let's finish up here!" 

Seriously, I didn't want to stick around and see what friendly creature was going to fall out of the tree next. Nooo thanks. 

Reagan found a toy.


He's really hoping for a Hogwarts letter in about 10 years. :)

As I was cleaning up our mess I noticed the ants start marching in - making a beeline for the lemonade. And that's when I knew that I made the right choice to get the heck outta dodge. I'm super glad that we were able to accomplish a summer goal - even if we were ambushed by nature. I guess we were sort of on the bugs' turf, haha. 

But the kids had a blast. They thought it was totally awesome that we had lunch-to-go on the ground. I think this is a perfect way to have a little summertime fun with your kids this year. Only...I hope you have better luck with the bugs than we did. Maybe that "perfect" tree we chose was just extra buggy and not so perfect for our purposes. We may have to try again in a new location! 

If my kids have anything to say about it, we will definitely be doing it again. :)

Later gators! 


Heather said...

Dude...where are those cups from???

Adrien said...

They are from a website called "Pick Your Plum." You can find them on Facebook. They have revolving deals that show up periodically - I've seen the cups on there a couple of times. :)


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