Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Windy Weekend Wrap Up!

A day late, once again! I got some fillings yesterday, and...it was awesome. Haha. Seriously, though. No numbing - didn't hurt. Can't beat that! I love my dentist, which is weird, because who really loves the dentist?

We had a great weekend as usual. Date nights, errands, playing outside...kids spending a TON of time with their grandparents.

We were standing in the Dollar Tree on Saturday evening, picking up some supplies for a certain little girl's birthday, when we got a message from a friend saying that she heard there were tornadoes in our town. Say what? Haha. We hadn't heard of such things ourselves, and since we happened to be out of town shopping, we thought that maybe we should call home and check on the kids. You know. Make sure they weren't freaking out and/or being swept away in a swirling whirlwind.

When we got a hold of Eric's mom we learned that they were in the next tiny town over playing on the playground. Just chilling outside. While this was happening five miles away in our own quiet neck of the woods....

Kind of bummed that we missed out on the fun! :) By the time we were driving home all of the funnel clouds were long gone. (And if you are not from our area, know that there was very minimal damage and no injuries - praise the Lord!) I'm not afraid of bad weather when I'm comfortably in my own home watching it. There's a certain power and beauty in the sky that is just mesmerizing. The older I get, the more I appreciate the wonder and majesty in creation.

On Sunday evening we finished up the very last "Managing God's Money" class - a spectacular study, indeed! It has changed me and challenged me. I wish I could share every detail and discussion that came from that class. I never stop learning, growing, and changing as a Christian. God continually works on me and evolves me and sanctifies me. The Word of God is rich and organic - every time you open it up, it reveals new truth. Gah, I wish every person I knew would open themselves up to that experience. It's amazing, and it's one of those things that you just can't get unless you take the ride for yourself. Thank you again to Eric for leading our group. I loved it!

The girls continue to love their swimming lessons. These pictures that Eric's mom sent from their lessons the other night just crack me up. How many guys does it take to teach two little girls to swim? :)

The girls just talk and talk about their "teacher" Nick. And if he happens to not be there for a lesson, the first thing they say when they walk in the door is "We had a different teach-uh today!!" (That would be Gracie speaking, haha.)

We celebrated the end of a great weekend with some freshly baked cookies and milk - a real treat since I've stopped eating so many sweets. :)

Sigh...it was Evie's very last weekend as a four year old. Here's my silly girl taking selfies on our most recent walk....

I have to see if I can get a hold of the videos she took from Eric's phone. Ahaha. Evelyn Robert thinks she is the next youtube sensation. And she totally signs off with, "Okay youtube, see you next time!" Four going on fourteen.

I am really looking forward to the week ahead. Evelyn turns five, I get to clean my carpets (yes, I am oddly excited about this) we get to have a little party up in here...and then we get to cap off the next weekend with Father's Day! Eric is going to be sharing the message at our church this Sunday morning in place of our pastor who will be at a conference. How cool that he gets to do that on Father's Day. So if you don't have any plans, come and worship with us! We love kids - duh! Bring them along, for sure. :)

Hope you have a great week!


Cassie said...

does she watch good luck charlie? maybe that's where she gets the video sayings from. i know GLC is rubbing off on stella. it's too funny.

Adrien said...

She DOES watch good luck charlie. :D She's also obsessed with videos that kids make on youtube of their dolls. Haha.

Jackie said...

Pretty sure that is Eli's picture of the tornado! LOL
And Nick is the best...he is like a little brother to me!

Adrien said...

Jackie - I thought I saw Eli's name on their Facebook page. So funny, he got a great shot!


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