Friday, July 11, 2014

DMV Story Time

Well, I sucked at blogging this week, I admit. I needed a break. Just enjoying hanging out with my babes....

A little post-swim lessons, pre-walk snuggle. :)

And on that break I spent one morning at the traveling DMV with every person over age 85 in Red Bud to rectify a wrong that I have been hiding and avoiding for three years. Three shameful years.

I have been driving around with what appeared to be an expired license...since 2011. I mean, what is wrong with me? Why didn't I get that fixed?? I guess to be fair, it wasn't really expired. It just looked expired.

The last time I renewed my license I was able to do so through the Illinois safe-driver program online. And apparently they send you a sticker to slap on your license that says, "Hey, this thing is good for four more years."

But we moved right after I renewed, and they must have sent my sticker to the old address, because I never got the darn thing. It is truly a testament to how little I drive, how much I don't drink, and what type of establishments I typically hang out in that I haven't had to show my card to anyone in three years, haha. But I might be getting on a plane soon, so I couldn't put it off any longer. I assume the story, "No, no, it's really legit. Trust me. It's not three years overdue, as it appears to be," wouldn't really "fly" with the airline people.

So I found myself sitting on a hard chair for over an hour, perched between one very sweet elderly lady, and one wisecracking old man, waiting for my turn to confess my sins and get this situation taken care of.

I thought of all kinds of stories I would tell to make myself not look as dumb as I knew I would sound. I rehearsed these stories - out loud. Things that could possibly excuse my laziness for three years. All kinds of fibs I could tell. "Uh, my kids must have peeled it off at some point, I just don't know..." Haha.

But as I sat there laughing and chatting with all of the kind and wrinkled faces around me, my conscious just got the better of me. I can't LIE. Who cares? These people don't care. Just tell them what's up. And if you look like an idiot, that's probably because you are one.

Turns out that what happened to me isn't all that weird, and it was no big deal at all. I avoided it for THREE YEARS, because I thought I would be mocked somehow for being so irresponsible. Does that sound dumb to me now? Uh, yes! Of course it does. It was something I built up in my head to be a much bigger deal than it actually was. Seriously, I "forgot" my license at home when I gave birth to Reagan so that I wouldn't have to show it at the hospital and explain my story. Bahaha. As you might guess, Eric makes fun of me so bad for this stuff. He's a "take care of business" kind of guy. I'm ridiculously passive. But the longer I'm married to him, the more he's slooowly rubbing off on me. ;)

And now I don't have to be paranoid everywhere I go that I'm going to have to show my drivers license. What a pain in the butt. I'm so weird.

But these people aren't....

I love my people.

My kiddos are looking forward to the Catholic picnic this weekend, and more specifically, the cake walk. Evelyn won a cake last year, and that's all she has been able to talk about for the last two days. This morning I was roused from a peaceful slumber with, "WAKE UP! IT'S THE CATHOLIC PICNIC!"

Then Gracie chimed in with, "It's the cake walk, mom!"

I didn't even open my eyes. "Tonight, kids, tonight!"

They are just a little bit excited about it. 

I currently have three kids climbing all over me...two kids kicking each poking people with popsicle sticks. Just another day in paradise. Yesterday I caught them tickling each other's feet with their electric toothbrushes. What the heck - never a dull moment around here. :)

I hope you have a great weekend!!

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Cassie said...

bahahahaha - what kids love to do with toothbrushes.
we lost henry's on our mini vacation. to me it wasn't worth trying to find. we just bought a new one.
someday they will realize how gross that is. lol.

see you guys tonight! might have to try out the cake walk!


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