Thursday, July 24, 2014

First Campout!

Earlier this week the girls braved the great outdoors, far from modern civilization, hiking over many terrains, to set up camp and have their very first experience sleeping in a tent. Well, not really. It was in grandma's backyard, but to a five and three year old they might as well have been in the middle of nowhere.

They were so excited when we pulled up to grandma's house and saw this little set up! Eric and I thought, "Oh, we'll go over, have some hot dogs and s'mores, let them run around, and then take them home for the night." But nnnope. The girls were not hearing any of that. They were going to stay over night with John and their cousin Jesalyn, like it or not! :)

I didn't need so much convincing that they would actually do it, but Eric, haha...he was super hesitant to leave his baby girls. He thought that surely, because they are his children, that they would never ever spend an entire night sleeping outside on the ground. 

My mom fired up the grill and the kids had some evening snacks. We couldn't find any of our roasting sticks, so we tried to get creative with the s'more situation....

...only we succeeded in burning the bottoms of all the graham crackers and had to replace one side of each one, haha. No matter - they were delicious in the end!

As the sun went down Evelyn was begging and pleading, "Please can we spend the night? Please please please?" And finally Eric agreed that they could give it a try. :)

All of the kiddos were hyped up. My poor mother...what did she get herself into? Haha. We left the kids and kept our phones close - just in case.

But it turns out we wouldn't be making any middle-of-the-night rescues. They really did stay outside for the entire night - my mom in the next sleeping bag, of course. :)

Eric was astounded. And a little disappointed, I think. Ha! "I can't believe they stayed out there all night long. My children are...tent people." He looked like he had just eaten something sour. Eric Robert couldn't believe that his own flesh and blood might actually enjoy camping. Ah, I thought it was hilarious. See, they do take after their mom a little bit. I loved that stuff when I was a kid.

It turns out that while they really did sleep outside for the entire night, they were all up at 5:30am. So they made some cinnamon rolls, went inside to watch a movie, and by the time I was picking them up the next morning, they were all back outside jumping on the trampoline. Needless to say, they CRASHED at home later. Both Evelyn and Grace said that this was something they would do again. It's a good thing they have grandparents who enjoy this stuff. :)

First campout was a success! Thanks mom for making some fun memories for the kids!


Joyce said...

Fun memories for Grandma too!!! ;)

Jackie said...

This is great....I would be like Eric. I am not an camping person and sure as heck not a tent I can't even believe it but we are going to look at land over in MO to maybe buy and that means we will be a camping family and Im just not so sure about!

Heather said...

I don't camp either. Sleeping outside...nope. Sleeping on the ground...nope. Sweating for no reason...nope. Bugs...nope. Air conditioning and fluffy beds...YEP.

Adrien said...

Admittedly, the longer I'm married to Eric, the more I appreciate a nice hotel, haha.

Stefanie said...

This cracks me up! Our kids like to get up super early when camping too, Lucy sobs when we leave! we have an air conditioned camper, I'm afraid of how tent camping would go!

Cassie said...

awwww how fun! and what a gma. she is a trooper!!


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