Thursday, July 3, 2014

Night Vlog!

Sharing some video of all the fun from this weekend and more!

Well this one is coming atcha a little later than normal. :) It took me all day to upload this darn vlog, because I kept thinking youtube was doing it's thing, when in fact, it was not. Haha.

We've sent our camera off to be repaired (still waiting to hear back on a quote), so in the meantime I am sharing some footage we took through the month of June with our trusty phones. Evelyn played a special part in the making of this video, as you will soon see. I was CRACKING up when I found all of the videos she had taken. I had to take about 20 minutes worth of her "vlogging" and pick just a few gems to share.

So here you go - a special nightly edition of the blog on this Fourth of July Eve!

We hope that you have a wonderful Fourth with your family or friends or strangers or whomever you please! God Bless the USA. :)

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