Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up!

Another summer weekend has come and gone. The month of July is passing like the fleeting flash of an exploding firework. Let's not talk about the fact that school registration is next week. I am not ready to start thinking about all of that stuff just yet. :)

Our kids spent most of their evenings this weekend playing games and running around the Catholic church's picnic. 

They had so much fun, but of course they were there mostly to win some cake!

We weren't so lucky this year, haha. No big wins for us! But my mom did take John one evening, and he scored a cake on his very first try. (Which we were happy to help him eat last night!)

While the whole family went to the picnic on Friday night, Eric's parent's took the kiddos on Saturday while Eric and I did our normal weekend errands. Reagan is growing up so much. He doesn't wan't to tag along with mom and dad anymore. He wants to go with his sisters everywhere, and he's smart enough to know what's up. He's a big kid now, you know. 

We also got some GREAT news this weekend! So...I told you all about our camera debacle when I sunk our new camera into a bag of silica gel beads. Oy.

Before we sent our camera in to Canon to be looked at, we researched and knew that foreign objects like sand in the camera would void the warranty. Eric had seen on several message boards that the company was not very lenient on these types of things with other people. In fact, it seemed like they knew every loophole and excuse to get out of repairing anyone's camera under warranty. We knew they would get back to us with a big bill, but what could we do?

And then...we got a message...the camera was already being sent back to us - good as new. And it was free of charge. Say whaaat? Apparently, they couldn't find the cause of the problem. (Couldn't find the problem?? The lens CRUNCHED when you tried to open it, haha.) So they replaced what needed replacing and shipped it on back.

I mean. Maybe we just got someone on a really good day, or maybe it was a miracle, haha. But we'll take it! We now have our vlogging camera back, and it didn't cost us a dime. And I don't have to feel so bad about the mishap, haha. Eric was in a pretty good mood after that. :)

We finished off the weekend with a relaxing Sunday. The kiddos took a ride in Grandpa Greg's boat...

(Thanks Aunt Amy for snapping a few pictures!)

And I appreciated some time to just rest and relax. I have been so tired lately! Chasing after these kids is no joke - it's a super workout! :) 

Now I must ask a favor - let me know if you can help me out! We are on the lookout for a set of wooden children's chairs to borrow. You know, just a normal set of chairs that would accompany any table and chair set. We would need them for just a day - so if you know where we can find some chairs, let me know! 

Hope you had a great weekend! And a big Happy Birthday to all of our friends who celebrated this weekend! I had no idea we knew so many people with July birthdays. :) Over and out!


sblind2 said...

CUTE! My mom said she remembered the girls at the fishing game :-)

Adrien Feldt said...

I THOUGHT that was your mom! I almost asked, but I'm usually wrong half of the time, haha. :)


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