Monday, August 25, 2014

Birthday Weekend!

It was my birthday weekend, and the only picture I got was of this superhero siting on Sunday night:


I had a very nice birthday weekend, made possible by our awesome family. If it weren't for parents willing to watch our kiddos I don't think we'd ever get out of the house! I definitely got lots of time away, and it was lovely. 

On Friday evening Eric and I went out for dinner with Eric's co-workers - always a good time. Eric laughed so hard I thought he was going to need CPR. :) We were there with either the owners of the restaurant or relatives of the owners (maybe both, haha, I'm still unclear on that one) but at any rate, they worked some of their magic during our meal. I had almost gotten through the entire evening without mention of my birthday the next day, but of course Eric said something right at the end, the stinker. 

I swear it wasn't more than 20 seconds after everyone finding out that I was getting dessert and being sung to. I have no idea how they did it so fast, but we were all surprised at the instantaneous party at our table. :)

On Saturday I celebrated my very last birthday. I was awoken with cards and homemade presents from my kiddos. They get just as hyped up about our birthdays as they do their own. So cute! Later that evening the boys and I went on a shopping spree for me and out to dinner. I had planned on getting some clothes and things for myself...but of course, what did I come home with? Nothing. :) The sales just weren't good enough, darn it. I did, however, pick up a few things for the kids, because duh. I'm a mom, and that's how these things usually work. Looks like I get to shop for myself next weekend!

I really appreciate all of the birthday wishes from you guys on Saturday! It made my day extra special.

Then on Sunday I finally, finally, finally got a chance to be at home by myself to get my life in order. Eric took the kids to his parent's house for the entire afternoon so I could be home alone to get things done. That was seriously the best present I could have gotten all weekend! After nearly two months of feeling sick and tired all I wanted was to mop my floors and organize things in peace.

On Sunday night we went to my parent's house for dinner and cake. My mom still spoils me by making my favorite jello cake for my birthday. Even at...cough cough...29 years old. Thank you, mom! It was here that we ran into those superheroes....

Reagan was Batman, but we couldn't get him to stay in the picture. :)

I had a really great time with my family and also just some time on own, which as any introvert like me knows, makes for a great weekend! It doesn't make for long blog posts, but it does make for great weekends. :)

And now, pray for me, friends. We also sold our beloved Rendezvous on my birthday (sniff sniff) and now I'm officially a mini-van driving mama. I seriously almost cried watching Eric drive my favorite car away. Please pray that Jesus takes the wheel, because I'm not a good backer outer anyway, haha. I have to say though, doors that open and close by threat of door dings in parking lots when I'm putting kids in much ROOM. Stow-and-go seats, friends, stow-and-go seats! The mini-van thing definitely has it perks. I'm already spoiled by some of the features, and we'll be thankful for it on our road trips, I suppose. Still, I'm not used to it and I feel like I'm driving a bus. Let's hope I don't hit anyone taking the kids to school. Seriously.

I am now 13 weeks pregnant which means I am so close to the second trimester I can almost taste it! I hope that means feeling lots better soon, which in turn means more blogging. I miss being able to blog regularly. Hoping the upswing happens this week sometime - we shall see! Have a great week!


Sarah said...

You know your a mom when... Having an afternoon to clean your house is a little piece of heaven haha. I'm the same way!!

Yay for 2nd trimester. I still feel like poo. I have good days but I have a lot more bad days. I'm trying to balance soaking in my last pregnancy & wishing I could have this baby tomorrow.

Don't worry about being a bad backer upper. I'm horrible. I'm even horrible at just parking in general. I was half way out on Locust Friday because I was so nervous I was going to hit the person in front & behind me when in reality... I more than enough room. Whoopsie!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday again! I saw your new van this weekend when I dropped Kinley off at my moms. Shockingly, it made me a little jealous, especially since I just had to unload everything out of my car just so I could go grocery shopping.

Cassie said...

happy birthday!!
congrats on the new car purchase.

and yay for some alone time. you are not alone. i love me some alone time!

Adrien said...

Sarah - that's what I'm so afraid of...that I'll keep feeling sick even into the second trimester. That's never happened before, but no pregnancy ever seems to be the same! I'm glad I'm not the only paranoid driver out there, haha.

Thanks again, friends! :)


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