Thursday, August 14, 2014

Disney Updates - Getting Close!

Today let's talk about something HAPPY, cause heaven knows I need it.

It's been a while since I've dedicated a post to this topic, because if I'm not careful I could just talk your head off about it all day long. And I'm pretty sure no one else cares as much as I do about our vacation, haha. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, its "The HAPPIEST place on Earth!" 

Or so they've been telling me.

(Gets me every time!)

The dream trip I've had in my head for years and years is fast approaching. Seriously, too fast. Like, in 23 days fast. I am so not prepared, haha. Well...I am but I'm not. I had no idea that I'd be carting along a fourth child on this trip when we booked it back in the Spring. This was NOT in the plans. We were supposed to come back from visiting the mouse, and THEN start trying for baby #4. :) In a weird way though, it brings me great pleasure to say that we will have never taken this trip without every single member of our family present - in one way or another. This child will be able to say, "I've been going to Disney since I was in the womb!" I am very jealous of this child.

Our magic bands came in earlier this week - hooray!

Magic bands are your key to the world. They are your ticket into the parks, your room key, your fast passes onto rides, a way to charge things back to your room...basically, the little computer chip inside of these things is your lifeline for your stay, if you are a Disney resort guest. I love that even though Reagan gets into everything for free and doesn't need one that they still send them for the little guys in your group. Everyone picked their favorite color!

As I mentioned in the post that I shared months ago, it was likely that some things about our trip would change along the way - and they certainly have. We are no longer staying at the picturesque Port Orleans Riverside resort. Sigh....

Instead we're staying here - 

At the Caribbean Beach Resort! Woot!

So, this is another one of Disney's moderate level resorts, and it has caught some flack over the years, mainly because it's the oldest moderate property and many of the rooms were in need of updating. Well...guess how lucky we are that they are refurbishing the entire place and we are very likely to get a brand spankin new room when we go! (At least, that is what we have requested and paid for, haha.)

The truth is, when the free dining promotion was released this was one of the two moderate resorts available for the offer, and since we are literally saving over a THOUSAND dollars on the food we'll be eating for the week, it was worth switching resorts. Here's my favorite part:

Caribbean Beach Resort is the only moderate level resort with a zero-entry pool, and it's one of the only resorts on the entire Disney property that has a special splash area just for the little ones. The bright colors and awesome water areas make this the PERFECT resort for preschoolers. I'm actually kind of glad now that we "ended up" here. 

All of our meals have been reserved, our fast passes have been booked, literally everything we can plan ahead of time has been planned ahead of time. It's the packing and gathering everything we'll need that has me scrambling. I still have to MAKE shirts...which could be really interesting. :)

The girls have been counting down the days, even more meticulously than me. They often remind me, "Mom, we have to cross off another day!" Lately, Evelyn has been beating me to it, and before I know it she's pulled up a stool with a marker in hand and is x'ing off the next number. I love it. :) It's exactly why I made that darn countdown.

The most important thing of all is that I can't wait to make some memories with my family. I can't wait to watch their faces. Seriously, I'm going to miss half the rides and entertainment, because I'm going to be too busy seeing my kids smile, and then crying, and watching them laugh, and me crying, and watching their wonder and amazement...and more crying from me. I've already warned Eric that I am going to be a complete embarrassment to him on this vacation. I'll cry when we get there, and I'll cry when we leave. Just you wait.

My biggest and only concern at this point: the weather. Because gosh darn, you can plan a lot of things, but you can't control the weather. And in September that means heat and rain. I fully expect a downpour once a day, and if we don't see that every single day, it'll be a miracle. As long as it's not ALL day, we'll be just fine. :)

I'll leave you with our lineup of our (rough) schedule and reservations for the week!

Saturday - Check into Caribbean Beach Resort! Depending on the time we'll either grab dinner, swim, or just walk around. Early to bed!

                     8:05 Pre-park opening breakfast reservation at Crystal Palace with Pooh and friends

Monday - EPCOT
                       11:55 Lunch reservation at Akershus, with the princesses

                       12:00 Lunch reservation at Hollywood & Vine with Sofia, Doc, and Jake

                              10:45 brunch reservation at Tusker House with Donald and friends

                        Fast pass lunch at Be Our Guest restaurant (Beast's castle)
                        5:30 Dinner reservation at Chef Mickey's with the Fab 5

Friday - Check out of our resort, then it's off to breakfast at O'hana with Lilo and Stitch at the Polynesian Resort before we leave for home.  >Insert many tears here.<

It's going to go by so fast! Thank you for letting me share, it's nice to take my mind off of things and just think about something FUN. :) Thank goodness there are places in this world where you can just go and forget it all for a while!


Cassie said...

take me with you!

or heck - plan my next trip. a character meal - lucky bunch!

again - you are such an awesome mom and this trip is going to be amazing.

ps - i am totally that crying mom too. it's all happy tears!!

Adrien said...

We are lucky those character meals or free or we would only be doing one or two!! Haha. Don't tell me to plan your next trip, because I would seriously do it. :D

Heather said...

Jealous! I can't wait to read the blog post after the vacation! Seriously envious that you get to meet Doc. She's my favorite :)

Danielle Peterson said...

I totally cried when we saw the castle for the first time in November. I had been to Disney World 5 times before that, but there is something so different when going with your children.
It's such an amazing experience and your whole family will love every.single.second!

It also rained 2 of the 3 days we were there in November and honestly it really helped the crowds. We bought ponchos there (expensive, but much nice than the cheap plastic ones) and made the best of it. Brinley loved the rain and I loved walking on to every single ride :)

Glingdidit said...

I cried like a baby off and on throughout our day at Magic Kingdom. The emotions of finally getting to go to Disney myself and watching Addison experience it all at the same time...were just amazing. Take some hankies!!


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