Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hanging Out at Agency D3

Remember when I was so happy that I wasn't feeling so sick this pregnancy? I thought I had gotten sooo lucky this time around. Haha. Well, while I do feel a bit sick I have to say that the nauseous part continues to be pretty manageable. But. Extreme morning sickness has been replaced with a myriad of other symptoms that I've never had before that leave me happy that I am DONE after this! Lightheaded/dizzy spells, hot flashes, migraines, debilitating fatigue...what the heck? I've also got the typical pregnancy symptoms that were never typical with my other pregnancies...like running to the bathroom every thirty minutes and having extreme food cravings. This is the weirdest pregnancy ever. And by weird, I mean different. It doesn't matter how many kids you have, every experience can be so vastly different!

This weekend left me wiped out. It was our Vacation Bible School day camp and festival, and it was so much fun! I was running, running, running...feeling pretty great! And then there was Monday. I paid for it. :)

On Friday night we braved the cool temperatures and threats of rain to go to our family festival night which kicked off the VBS weekend. Evelyn, Grace, and Reagan had a BLAST.

There was all of the typical fun stuff - bounce houses, games, a dunk tank, obstacle course, face painting...and then of course we stuffed ourselves with popcorn, sno-cones, hot dogs, nachos...haha. A great Friday night by most kid's standards! And it was all FREE...a great Friday night by most parent's standards. :)

The theme of this year's VBS was Agency D3. A detective agency sort of theme, where we investigated who Jesus is. Is he real? How can we prove that? The "D3" stood for "Discover, Decide, Defend." We discovered who Jesus was, decided if we believed it, and learned to defend what we believe in. It was excellent material!

There were photo booths set up to help us get into our detective mode. :)

On Saturday we had the day camp. We have never done VBS this way before. Typically we spread VBS over the course of five nights. This year we had one action-filled day from 9:00am to 2:30 pm. I'll be honest, I had no idea if I would like that format in the end. But...I loved it! Everything ran so smoothly. And even though we were chasing kids for over five hours, the day went by SO fast. I think the kids also loved it. I wouldn't be surprised if we do more VBS day camps in the future, and I highly encourage you to bring your kids. It was great!!

Because of the new format and a lack of advertising this year, we mostly had our own church kiddos for the day. It was a much smaller group than we normally have. But it worked out great that way, as we were venturing into some uncharted territory. I can't wait to vamp it up for next time. :)

It was my job to take pictures and video all day. I have hundreds of pictures and so much video footage, haha. And I put just some of it together for a little video which we showed during church the next morning.

This five minute video is just a taste of all the kids did. 

On Sunday, the VBS fun continued. We had a special church service where the kids sang their VBS songs, we had a special message, and then we ate lots and lots and lots of food at a potluck afterwards. So fun! I really love our church family. 

Aside from Vacation Bible School stuff, there was school shopping to be done and grocery shopping and Reagan needed a hair cut....

But yes, then there was Monday. I was down for the count yesterday! Haha. This pregnancy has been a humbling experience when it comes to gauging how much I can physically do. Guess I'm not getting any younger...and my body is saying, "Enough! I get it...you love babies! But four in five years? Give me a break." :)

Thanks for sticking with me, friends! I'm over ten weeks now - that second trimester is inching closer and closer! Just a few weeks to go...we can do this. Haha. Happy Tuesday!

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Sarah said...

Agghh! Pregnancy. I'm over it. Haha

I love the closeness of your church family. Please, please let me know when VBS is next year. I think the boys would love it :)


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