Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Last Days of Summer Vacation....

...sigh, why does it have to end?

Summer isn't even my favorite season, but man there are some things about it that just can't be beat. Particularly being on our own schedule. Unfortunately, this summer was so odd for me with being out of it for the last month. I think we were lucky to cross half of the things off of our bucket list, haha. Morning sickness took me unexpectedly down for the count. In some ways, I almost feel we were cheated out of a lot of our summer.

The bright side? Fall really IS my favorite, and hopefully the worst is behind me and I can really enjoy it. :)

We spent our last days of summer vacation hanging out with cousins and celebrating a very cute girl's second birthday.

Tessa is two!

The kids had a BLAST at aunt Amy's house last Friday night. It was a small get together with pizza and cake and dress up and swings...you know, just cousins doing cousin things. None of our children wanted to leave - even Reagan. And we ended the night making promises for future sleepovers, haha. Oh, I so remember those days myself! Being a kid is too much fun.

Saturday was date night - woot! Favorite night of the week.

Sunday was...not good. 

Some of it was okay...the first part - not bad at all. But the afternoon was just frustrating, and I'd rather just forget all about THAT.

What the kids were really waiting for the entire weekend was Monday. Because Monday meant that 

1.) Daniel Tiger was going to become a big brother on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. This was, in my children's estimation, THE event of the summer. They were glued to the television. Glued. They smiled, they "awed," they giggled. They are so ready to be big sisters again themselves. And Reagan just does what his sisters do. :)

2.) It was open house at school, and the girls got to meet their teachers for the very first time!

But before we could go skipping off to school yesterday evening, the drama llama had to make a stop by our house...of course! It turns out our lovely doctor's office (which we hope to be leaving soon) called with our paperwork for the girl's physicals for school...which had been done months ago...to inform us that they didn't give Evelyn the shots she needed for Kindergarten. Oh, she got shots at her last appointment, just apparently not all of them. 

So...we're obviously scrambling, at the very last minute, to get our child into the doctor so she can actually attend her own first day of school. Thank the Lord for my mother-in-law who saved the day and offered to take Evie in! It was only a couple of hours until the open house, and there was no way I would have been able to get everyone ready, take Evelyn to our doctor in Waterloo, make dinner and feed my kids in time for us to go. So thanks, Joan! (But poor Evie...unexpected shots on a day that was supposed to be fun! She took it like a champ.)

We did make it to the school though, and the girls were beaming with excitement!

There's a little bit of anxiety on my end with sending my oldest off to Kindergarten. For one thing, it's a full day. A full day, five days a week, for my kid that just turned five. It's a lot! And we've been pre-warned by the teacher herself that our child will be exhausted. So there's that. 

But then there's also the independence with Kindergarten that makes me want to throw a lasso around Evelyn and reel her back to me a bit. :) In pre-K everything is done in a herd-like fashion. The kids meet together outside at the start of the day, walk through the halls to their classroom together. They are always with a teacher, at all times, being carefully watched. But this year she will have to walk into the building all by herself and navigate those hallways alone. She'll have to find her own classroom...and boy do I hope she finds it! 

So we practiced that a few times last night, haha. Luckily, there are some very distinguishable decorations hanging outside of Evelyn's classroom, and so as I was trying to explain to her to count the doors on the left to find the one that was hers she said, "Isn't my class the one with those curly things hanging up by the door?"

Oh yeah. Those curly things! Awesome!

So Evelyn will be walking toward those curly things this morning. :) She's already smarter than me.

Now Gracie girl...she shocked me last night. And I don't know why it came as such as surprise, but it did. The moment we stepped foot on the school grounds she was little Miss Independent. And I mean...she didn't want anything to do with mom and dad helping her. She didn't want to hold our hands, even in the packed halls. In fact, she wanted to be five feet ahead of us, every step of the way. You should have seen this little side-arm thing she did, ahaha. Putting her hand out like, "No no. Back away, parents. I got this."

When it was time to go to her classroom, she left our side straight away and did her own thing. Acted like she had been there a million times before. "Yeah, this is preschool, so what? Been waiting to do this for over a year now." That was her.

My girls are as social as they come (they didn't get it from me!), and school puts them right in their element. Since our school is a pretty darn great one, I feel pretty good about them being there. Even if that does mean letting go a bit. *Sniffle.*

Gracie's first official day isn't until Wednesday, so we have two separate days to get all worked up over. Thank goodness, because I don't think my heart could have handled both of my babies leaving me at once. :)

Our last days of summer vacation have come and gone. It's back to school now! And what a crazy year it's going to be for us! Road trips and holidays and BABIES before it's done with. Fun fun fun!

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Cassie said...

hahahahaha - daniel tiger's mom having a baby was a BIG deal for us too. so exciting!!

i love this! yay for kids being independent. i just love it. yay!


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