Thursday, August 21, 2014

School Days!

Wow, it's crazy how quickly life changes around and you fall into a new routine! It feels like we hit the ground running this week as we sent two of our babies off to school. I think I've lamented more than once how I am NOT a morning person, but it hasn't been so bad so far. (Talk to me in a month!)

Eric took some time off this week to see the girls off on their first days - just like he did last year with Evie. On Tuesday he went into work a tiny bit later than usual so he could walk Evelyn into school on her very first day of Kindergarten.

She was super excited to go back to school this year!

Unfortunately, I ruined our chalkboard in the making of these pictures, haha. Apparently our "chalkboard marker" doesn't erase on...chalkboards. I'm still confused about that one. Works great on glass, I hear! Thank goodness I had just enough vinyl left to make a new sign for Gracie's first day the next day. :)

I waited in the car with the other kids as Eric took a rare opportunity to walk Evie to class. I think it's so cute that he cares about this stuff, haha. 

We said goodbye and sent Eric off to work while Grace and Reagan and I came home for a normal day. Evelyn really enjoyed her first day and she also likes her teacher, which is always a good thing! The only complaint she had was when I asked her about gym class. 

"We just sat there, mom, and listened to the rules. That's what we did all day. Everywhere we went people talked. Talk talk talk. Booooring!" :)

I had to explain to her that the first day is always a lot of talking, no getting around it!

The next day was Gracie's very first day of school EVER and Evie's first full day. Eric took off the entire day for this one so that he could see both girls off. 

Grace donned the same dress that Evelyn wore on her first day of preschool. Guess if the new baby is a girl we'll have to hang on to it. ;)

As expected, Gracie was super pumped to finally get her turn to go to school! It was a looong morning of waiting after dropping Evelyn off. 

Once we got to the school she was ready to line up and get the day started!

Where does the time go, I ask? She marched in with the other kids and didn't look back!

After we took Gracie to her class at noon, the rest of the family made our traditional trek to lunch at Pizza Hut. Fancy. :) (Not gonna lie, I could really go for that all-you-can-eat buffet right now. I am ALWAYS hungry!)

This is our way of bribing the children who don't get to go to school to feel better about life, haha. And it worked! Reagan was not a happy camper when we dropped Grace off, but as soon as he saw we were going somewhere to eat - happy as a clam. 


And while the girls were busy learning and such, Eric took advantage of a day off to detail our new car - our totally awesome mini-van. With Reagan's help of course. It was HOT outside, and even hotter inside the van, but he would not budge from daddy's side. Reagan loves the men in his life...he copies every single thing they do. And if they are doing "manly" things, he has to be right there watching them. His face was so red, but every time I asked if he wanted to go inside and play he said, "Nuh uh," shook his head, pointed at Eric and started jabbering about the work that was being done. :) Don't mess with daddy time!

When we picked the girls up that afternoon we learned it was another successful day! Grace went on and on about the new friends she made. It seems like the school year got off to a great start. 

My prayer for ALL of the students and teachers going back to school is that everyone stays safe, has fun, and remains relatively healthy this year. (After two days Evelyn already has the sniffles - oh boy!) I'm thankful that our kiddos have the chance to learn and grow in a safe environment. Not all children around the world can say the same. What a privilege to be educated! 

Hope you have a great day!

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Cassie said...

yay! this is so awesome.

how weird is it just hanging out with one kid in the afternoon? i'm sure it feels weird, but at the same time, kinda nice.


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