Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up!

I was honestly going to be a better blogger last week and actually post a confession friday, but then my darling husband decided to SURPRISE us with a day off of that post was left half done. And I'm not sorry, because I was over the moon to wake up on Friday morning and realize Eric wasn't in his normal work attire. That can only mean one thing.

What a dear. I had a rough week last week. Just family stuff and not feeling well and the kids being kids in the worst way possible. :) Friday was a much appreciated break.

We decided to spend the day taking the kids out to lunch and buying school supplies. If we give our children the choice of where to go for lunch it's inevitable that we will end up here....

Chuck E. Cheese
It's no secret that we kind of love this place. And I totally understand that some parents hate it. But I can't relate. It makes my kids happy, they have a decent salad bar, and we must always get lucky, because it never feels crowded when we go. Oh, and coupons. You can use coupons. 

This picture cracks me up.

After we stuffed our faces and played some games (the kiddos all became the proud owners of some new slinkies...two of the three made them home unharmed) we trucked it to the store to let the girls pick out their school supplies for the upcoming school year.

I still cannot believe I'm going to have two kids in school.

Gracie insisted on walking around the store with her notebook and folder in hand. No way was she putting those prized possessions in the shopping cart. :) And she picked out her first official book bag - Hello Kitty. I'm a little surprised that princesses and fairies were trumped by a cat we know nothing about, but hey...must be something about that kitty that caught her eye.

Evelyn was an old pro at this stuff and relatively unimpressed, so she decided to run away from mom and dad, which sent us on a ten minute search around the store for our kid. Longest ten minutes of my LIFE. I'm just about to go up to the front and page the child when I see her strolling up the aisle with a big grin on her face.

"Where were you??!!"

"I went to the place with the concrete floor."

"You what? You decided to just go check out the garden center all by yourself??'

"Yep." Smile smile.

Oooooh no. No no no. Her father and I were not happy campers. :) She's been getting a little big for her britches lately. Thinking she can run off places, not wanting to hold hands in parking lots and weaving around like a tiny drunk person into oncoming traffic. Heaven help me. She's still cute though, I have to give her that.

On Saturday I paid for Friday, which is often the case. I felt like crap, and so while we were supposed to go to a BBQ with some of Eric's co-workers, I had to be a party pooper. Someday I won't be pregnant anymore.  Someday....

On Sunday Eric and I were on our own to teach Sunday School. (Usually there are two more teachers with us.) So of course one of our children woke up with a crick in her neck and had a terrible upset morning. Poor Gracie. But she toughed it out and things actually went pretty smoothly, all things considered. In fact, it was one of my more favorite lessons that I've gotten to lead so far.

Here's John and Evie showing off their own designs of Joseph's coat of many colors. :)

We told stories, watched our video, became award-winning actors and actresses, tried our hands at clothing know, all in a day's work at Sunday School. The hour went by fast!

We spent the rest of the day on Sunday cleaning our house (oh my goodness, did it need it!) and taking a walk. Oh, and negotiating a deal on a new vehicle that we're supposed to pick up tonight. Dun dun dun.... It's time to upgrade, once again! Ya'll are gonna hate it, but we're okay with it.  :)

I'm expecting a very exciting package in the mail this week, so if I can muster up the gumption there should actually be some things to blog about that don't have to do with my sorry state. The goal is three. If I can do three posts this week, then I'm calling myself a super star. Can she do it?? We'll find out!

Later taters.


Heather said...

Made me tired just reading this! If you need any help, let me know! The kids can come play with Kinley for a while!

Cassie said...

y'all are busy!

excited for a new car for you guys.

and ps - yes - i think in a past life i was lost in a store. i freak when my kids go in just another isle. lol.


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