Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Boy or Girl?? Fun with Old Wives Tales!

There has been a lot going on lately, and I feel like I haven't had much time at all to talk about this pregnancy. (Other than complaining about it, haha!) I am finally...finally...starting to feel better, though my nausea has triggers and it hits me where it hurts. Sugar. I'm almost positive sugar is the culprit behind my queasy feelings. I really avoided it while we were on vacation, only having a dessert here or there, but no sugary drinks (which I think is the worst for me.) I felt pretty darn good while we were away. Yesterday I had some sweet tea and didn't feel absolutely terrible afterwards, so I'm sincerely hoping that after over 17 weeks of feeling like junk I am finally getting a reprieve. Of course, maybe I should lay off the sweets anyway. ;)

Last night I felt the first of the real baby kicks! Eep! Not just flutters but real kicks, way down low, and boy were there a lot of em! Baby must know that we have a doctor's appointment today. I'm depressed, because at 17 weeks they could peek in and likely see what the gender of the baby is. But they aren't going to. I have to wait another whole month to find out - putting me at about 21 weeks before knowing, and making this the absolute latest I have ever known. I'm DYING to start buying things and even to know if I can get rid of other things. I don't care what the baby is, I just want to know! :)

Here's a semi-creepy giant generic picture of a 17 week old baby in the womb. :) I really need to take a new baby bump pic!

So since I can't find out today what we're having...boooo...I thought it would be fun to see what a few old wives tales had to say! Doesn't matter how many babies I have, these are always fun, and I always have to look them up again. Here are 15 tales and what they say about our baby inside. Is it a BOY or a GIRL? ;)

~*~ 15 Old Wives Tales ~*~

#1 Leg Size - If your legs get really big, you are having a boy. If your legs stay lean, it's a girl.

Boy wins on this one hands down. I gained weight in my lower half FAST this time!

#2 Chinese Gender Chart - This chart claims to have 90% accuracy. (I think it was right for two of mine and wrong for one before.)

The Chinese chart says that we are having a girl!

#3 Mom's Beauty - It is said that a girl will steal mom's beauty but a boy will make you feel glowy and beautiful. 

Well, it's a girl! Haha. I look like CRAP and I'm breaking out like crazy (which has NEVER happened to me before - usually I have great skin when I'm pregnant.)

#4 Side you most rest on - If you prefer to rest on your left side, it's a boy. If the right side is preferred, it's a girl.

Girl, again!

#5 Hair on legs - If the hair on your legs is growing at record speeds, it must be a boy.

Then it MUST be a boy, because this has been ridiculous!

#6 Headaches - If you are having headaches this pregnancy, it might just be a boy!

Boy again! 

#7 Baby names - It is said if you can only think of names for one gender, it's because that is the gender you are likely having.

It's another win for team boy here. Our boy name was picked from the beginning. We still cannot agree on a girl's name.

#8 The Mayan Tale - The Mayan Tale adds the mothers age at conception and the year of conception. If it's an even number, it's a girl. If it's odd, it's a boy. 

28 + 14 = GIRL

#9 Cold feet? - No, this isn't about having second thoughts! If your feet are cold, you are having a boy.

No cold feet here - girl!

#10 Luscious Locks? - Has your hair become dull and thin or full and glossy? Thin and dull says you're having a girl. Great hair is for the boy mamas.

Well, I hate to say it, but at my last hair appointment I was told I was really thinning at the top (and likely due to hormones.) Since this has never been a problem before, I'm blaming this one on a baby girl!

#11 Sweet or Sour and Salty? - If you are craving sweets like fruit or chocolate, it's a girl. Sour and salty food cravings mean a boy is on the way.

Considering I've been binging on pickles (how stereotypical!) and that sweets make me nauseous, I'm calling this one for a boy!

#12 Severe morning sickness? - It is said that the worse the morning sickness, the more likely it is to be a girl.

This is a toughie! I would put this pregnancy in the middle of the road category compared to my other pregnancies. Since I would rank this one third worst for morning sickness, I'm saying boy! (Though this pregnancy did have the longest sickness of all!)

#13 Wedding ring test - If the ring swings over your belly in a circle, it's a girl. If it swings back and forth, it's a boy.


#14 Pillow direction - This one says that if your pillow faces north, it's a boy and if it points south, then count on a girl.

Haha, this one is so strange, but BOY.

#15 Mood Swings - Super moody? Then it's likely a girl. Pretty normal? Think blue.

Maybe you should ask Eric about this one, but I'm honestly going to say I've been much worse in the past! I think I've held it together pretty well this time...considering. :) So I'm saying boy!

So it looks like my final total is 9 for the boys and 6 for the girls! Boys win! And now I get to wait an entire month to see if all of this stuff was lucky and predicted it right, haha. 50/50 chance after all!

This is my first pregnancy that I have no feelings whatsoever if it is a boy or girl. Considering my hunch was WRONG with all of my previous children, it's probably better that I just wait patiently to find out. :) Thanks for humoring me, and I can't wait to hear that heartbeat today! Healthy is ALL that matters, so we will always welcome prayers for a healthy pregnancy. 

Happy day!


Heather said...

There were so many of the wives tales that were wrong for me. Even the Chinese calendar. And how I was carrying. Looked like I swallowed a basketball, and everyone was convinced she was a boy.

But I am going with girl for you. Just have a feeling :)

Meagan said...

Those were usually wrong for me! lol

I'm still undecided about this baby...last time I just KNEW that Reagan was a boy but I don't have any strong gut feeling this time.

Adrien said...

Well, if they are usually wrong it must be a girl! :D I'd be thrilled! Of course...a boy would even things out and I'd still be thrilled! Haha. I know...just no strong feelings this time!

Joyce said...

Must be twins according to the wives tales... ;)

Cassie said...

i've been thinking boy this whole time. however if it's another girl, Reagan will make the BEST husband ever with three sisters. lol.


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