Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Our Fall Bucket List

I had such high hopes for our summer vacation this year. I dreamt of days at the park and lying on picnic blankets. Days of swimming and popsicles and suntan lines. It was going to be GREAT!

And then...I found out I was pregnant. And I got sick. And tired. Oh, so tired. And slowly I watched the days go by, when all I could do was sit on the couch and will my eye-lids to stay open so I could keep an eye on the kids and avoid the house burning down. The children were still able to get out and have some fun, but this mom...well, I was down for the count. Go on, have fun without me!

Now it's MY turn - time for some vindication. Fall is by far the most fun season for this family, if I do say so myself. And since I had to watch half of the things on my Summer Bucket List go unchecked, slipping like hot sand through my fingers, I decided to give myself a do-over for fall fun. No excuses for being "bored" for the next couple of months. There is plenty to do! So here is our family's bucket list for this wonderful season. Thirty things that make my heart flutter. What's on your list??

1. Go on a hayride
2. Pick a pumpkin from the patch!
3. Eat caramel apples
4. Make a pumpkin pie
5. Visit the zoo
6. Have a picnic
7. Jump in a leaf pile!
8. Fall crafts
9. Carve a pumpkin
10. Run through a corn maze
11. "Boo" some friends!
12. Campfire fun
13. Drink hot chocolate
14. Find Halloween costumes
15. Trick-or-Treat!
16. Football games
17. Wear cozy sweaters
18. Make apple butter (and biscuits!)
19. Celebrate our October birthdays!
20. Take family photos
21. Walk in the beautiful outdoors
22. Pizza and movie night
23. Make a fall wreath
24. Scavenger hunt with kids
25. Go to a fish fry - yum!
26. Peruse through a craft fair
27. Burn fall candles
28. Random Acts of Kindness
29. Make turkey handprints
30. Gather with family
31. Count our blessings!

Whoops, might have went one over the number I was intending, but that's pretty easy to do! I could have kept going, haha. Some of these things we have already done once, but you can bet your boots and skinny jeans that we'll be doing them again. I'm looking forward to making some more precious memories with our family. It's amazing what just feeling normal can do for a person, haha. 

Think we'll start on this list TODAY! Here's to a great fall season for one and all!


Heather said...

I think the zoo is one of the biggest things on my fall to do list. We missed out on everything this summer with Kinley being on the mend, so we are going to make up for it this fall! And this Saturday looks like the perfect time to do that.

Sarah said...

Oh how I LOVE Fall!!!

Luke told me the other day... "Mom! I can't wait until you have Lane!" I said... Awe buddy! That's so sweet. Mommy can't wait to meet Lane either!" He replied with "No. I can't wait for you to have him so you can play with me again. You can never breathe or bend over!"

I didn't know if I should of cried or laugh. So I did both.

Adrien said...

Heck yes, this weekend would be perfect weather for the zoo! I'm thinking we may do our Eckert's trip, because this weather is too good to pass up!

Oh, Sarah. Poor thing! Haha. I am just getting to that point where I can't bend and I am already OVER it. Wishing this last pregnancy would speed up but then that the time after that would sloooow down.


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