Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Shannon and Shopping

I just love long weekends, don't you? God Bless America.

My weekend started last Wednesday, haha, so it has felt really long! It was my sister Shannon's birthday, and she came home from North Carolina for a visit. Eric picked her up from the airport on Wednesday evening and we all met up for some of my mom's yummy mostaccioli, bread, and salad. Then a little bit later more relatives showed up for cake and ice cream. It was a great night to welcome Shannon home!

The girls were obsessed...I mean all OVER their little cousin Cambria that night. "Look at the cute baby!!" I am going to have to be on serious mom alert 24/7 when this baby gets here, because they smother infants as if they have never seen one. Evelyn likes to perform some sort of heimlich maneuver on every small child she sees. They don't mean to be overbearing, but...they totally are. I guess the one good thing I can look forward to is the promise they have both made to be my special helpers. :)

Also last week was picture day at school. I didn't snap any pictures of Evelyn before she made it out the door (gosh darn it) but I did have time to get one of Grace. Both of the girls wanted special hairstyles on this day. Evelyn opted for a traditional curled-under look. :) And since Grace watched her sister get her hair fixed, she of course had to join in. This is the second time ever that I've used a flat iron on Gracie's hair...

Her normal bouncy curls were flattened into cotton candy strands. She looked super cute, but it's hard telling what I'm going to see when those pictures come in, haha. Her hair would have taken the form of any way I wanted to manipulate it. Could have stood it straight up if I wanted to. And by the time she came home the back of it was already curling again. Can't tame those curls...kind of like the little girl they belong to. ;) (Side note...Gracie is thriving in school. She LOVES it!)

Here's Evie from a different day...just because she's cute, too. :)

We seriously spent the rest of our weekend alternating between hanging out with Shannon and SHOPPING. Oh my goodness, the shopping. I don't think I've ever said this, but I'm about all shopped out! We're in the home stretch of getting ready for vacation, and apparently that means we all need clothes and shoes and about 50 random gadgets and survival tools to get us through one week. Planning a Disney vacation is no joke. Eric says it better be worth it. I'm going to be trying very hard to convince him it is. :) We leave in three days.

Still haven't done much of anything, haha. Still have to make those darn shirts. Still not feeling 100%. Let's go, body, we can do this.

We had one last farewell dinner with Shannon and my family on Sunday - a delicious early Labor Day bbq. I really wish I had taken more pictures of everything this weekend, but I didn't. I have a feeling the last two months of my life are going to be totally forgotten...swallowed in a black hole as if they never happened. Seriously, I can't remember two weeks ago, so I'm probably not lying to you.

I'll wrap this one up with a little celebration that I am finally in the second trimester - dance party! Little did we know that our doctor is a Disney nut like me and we were in her office for a good extra 15 minutes talking all about it this week. (No roller coasters or spinning teacups for me next week - shocker!) We had a healthy check up and all is well. Looove hearing that heartbeat. :)

      And here's a random picture Evelyn took of our family dancing. Haha.

Hope you all have a great week! I have so much to do I literally have no idea where to start. Maybe I'll film a packing video to get myself motivated. Later taters!


Meagan said...

I will literally do all of your packing & everything else that needs to be done for Disney if I can go with you!! ;)

Adrien said...

With all of the extra stuff we've bought, we probably could have paid your way, haha. :D

Heather said...

STILL that Gracie just gets my heart in every picture.

I can't believe you are so close to your vacation!! I am SO looking forward to that blog post!

Cassie said...

yay for family weekends.

and i just LOVE her hair that way!!
ps - ummm Reagan, i mean he looks SO grown up!

and one word - vacation!!



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