Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up - Fun Fair!

Sorry for vanishing last week. :) The part I can tell you about is that I went in on a garage sale with my mom and our friend Joy, and if you've ever done one of those, know how all-consuming of your free time that is! Eric and I will be having another sale of our own in the Spring, because I have a ton of spring/summer dresses and outfits to get rid of. We had a busy week last week, but it was all good! It included a great baby check up, and this child has been on the move ever since. I can't remember ever having such an active baby. I can feel the kicks on the outside already - crazy!

So...besides spending my time doing the garage sale thing this weekend, we had fun at another traditional Fall festivity. It was the elementary school's annual Fun Fair, and my children were losing their MINDS waiting for it. They couldn't wait for Eric to get home from work on Friday evening so we could go to the school for dinner and to run around.

The girls stood in line for this slide over and over and was definitely a favorite! Kids zipped down this thing like a flash of lightening, haha. I'm surprised they didn't get whiplash. :)

All Gracie could talk about was getting some cotton candy, so we had to make a stop for some of that fluffy goodness.

Reagan never even took a single bite of his. Just held it up like a torch the entire night, haha. 

Just like in the good ole days, the fun fair wouldn't be complete without throwing someone in "jail." And I'm pretty sure there were kids putting themselves in jail for fun. :)

However, totally not as cool as when we were kids. ;) Jail used to be a giant CAGE, and the older kids would literally chase you around with a "warrant" for your arrest when someone paid to thrown you in. It was awesome, haha. There's a lot of things I miss about the old fun fair, but our kids don't know the difference. 

We played well into the evening....

And we ended the night playing games and with a stop at the cake walk. Both of the girls won their own slices of cake, almost one right after the other.

We left that night exhausted and satisfied. Another fun fair in the books!

Eric and I spent the rest of the weekend SHOPPING. We ran our usual errands, but thankfully there were some sales going on so this mama could get a few maternity things to help me survive the cold seasons coming up. I have never been super pregnant in the dead of winter before. The closest I have ever been was when I was pregnant with Evie. But she was born in June, so I was at my biggest in the spring and summer. Still trying to figure out what the heck to do for a winter coat! I've asked a few other friends, and the best I get is to invest in a really heavy cardigan and don't spend a ton of time outside, haha. I refuse to buy a brand new maternity coat (hello - $$) when this is my last pregnancy. I'll just have to rough it.

I can't believe that in just two days we'll be saying hello to October! Ahh!! So much coming up, by far our busiest month of the year. I love it! 

**By the way, I have had several people ask about the light buckets for Halloween this year. We have contacted the inventor once again, and he is OUT of buckets for now. I am so bummed. We'll check back with him again next year, but it doesn't look like we'll have any new buckets for this year. I was wanting to get some more, myself! We even looked into ordering some to be manufactured, but...that was like, super shady, haha. So sorry to those who asked. I will definitely let you know if something changes! **

Hope you all had a great first fall weekend!


Heather said...

Yay! For good baby check ups!!!

I didn't wear a winter coat at all when I was pregnant. I felt like an oven most of the time anyways...never needed one. Wore flip flops up until I took them off in the delivery room as well :)

Adrien said...

Haha, that's what I keep hearing! No one I've talked to yet wore a coat. :)

Meagan said...

I have to agree with the no coat thing. I did buy a really light weight one when I was pregnant with Carson because I didn't have a lot of long sleeve shirts but it wasn't maternity, just got the biggest size that would fit my belly! lol

Keegan was the same way about the fun fair, as soon as I picked him up from school on Friday he was asking if we could go! It was a LONG afternoon of waiting! lol


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