Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Quick Baby Update

Well...we know!

And we're THRILLED! :D

Our baby is CUTE. I mean it. Cutest little face I ever did see. We were able to get a couple of really nice 4d pictures, and this child favors one of their siblings quite a bit!

Whew, so...Eric and I are keeping our lips sealed this week, much to Evelyn's dismay. "I won't slip! I won't slip!" Haha. But we're waiting until we have some family all together this weekend to share the news all at once. 

Through the first five minutes of the ultrasound yesterday I was craning my eyes to see if I could take a guess. First I thought it was a girl...then a boy...then a girl...then a boy.... I had convinced myself in that short amount of time that I knew what it was before we really got a good look, and then of course - I was wrong! Right up to the very last minute...I am always wrong. :)

Baby Robert has a healthy heartbeat and is measuring right on time, which is wonderful news! But there is just one little glitch that we are asking prayer for. Turns out that we have an SUA - Single Umbilical Artery. And basically what that means is that instead of two arteries in the umbilical cord, there is only one. This isn't super common, but it's not unheard of. And while babies can be born perfectly healthy with this, about 1/4 to 1/3 experience complications of some sort. 

Complications with SUA include heart defects, central nervous system issues, gastrointestinal issues, urinary tract or respiratory issues...and the list goes on. There is also higher risk for pre-term labor and low birthweight.

While we don't have a reason to worry just yet, we are now being more closely monitored. And when we go back for our regular appointment in a few weeks, we have to get another ultrasound to check on baby's progress. It's important for us to make sure that our baby stays on track with maintaining a "normal" rate of growth. During our scan yesterday there were no glaring issues to be seen, and so our prayer is that things stay that way! Hoping for a very uneventful ultrasound next time. :) 

One other thing that we discussed yesterday was my possible miscarriage of a twin, and sure enough on the ultrasound there was evidence of prior bleeding and blood clotting. Of course, there could be other explanations for that, but I've also learned that SUA is three to four times more likely to develop when carrying multiples and that the chance of miscarriage increases by 22% with SUA. There's no convincing me that there weren't two babies in there. :) But we remain so thankful for our one beautiful baby that is still here with us. I am in LOVE! Can't wait for snuggles and kisses!

Thanks for your prayers, friends, and I promise we won't wait long to share the news after our close family knows - maybe even this Saturday evening! Happy Tuesday!


Cassie said...

i mean think - from three kids to FIVE kids. holy smokes!

prayers for your baby and for you!!

Adrien said...

I know, it would have been crazy. :D My cousin Crystal just had twins, and I can't even imagine!

Heather said...

You know Kinley and I will both be sending powerful prayers and good thoughts your way. But I am 100% convinced your enormous power of prayer got me through my pregnancy, so I have complete confidence it will get you through yours without any problems.

Someonesmomma said...

I just missed you by one week! I was thinking we would bump into each other one of these days in the office but I just had my post partum appointment! I know how worrisome this type of news can be. We had some complications with baby #1 that were discovered at the 20 week scan. Everything turned out just fine in the end!! Dr. M took wonderful care of us. You are in good hands with her and I know all will be well!


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