Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Autumn Days at the Zoo

Well, it's feeling much more like a fall day outside today! It's been extra warm in our neck of the woods lately, which I have a love/hate relationship with, haha. But we definitely took advantage of the warm up this weekend to enjoy a family day outside! We're rewinding time a bit today and going back to last Friday when the kids had a day off of school and Eric decided to stay home from work for Reagan's special birthday trip. I'm not sure exactly when we started doing this, but somewhere along the way we began taking a day for each of the kids' birthdays to do something fun just as a family.

After finding out I was pregnant and getting sick and tired, we had to miss out on some of our normal summer activities. So we decided to make up for some of that by finally taking a trip to the zoo! I was excited for Reagan, because this would be the first time he would get to go and actually be aware of what was going on, haha. I think it had been a whole year since we had gone together as a family. That's just wrong.

But our waiting paid off, because we may have picked one of the best weather days ever for a stroll around one of our favorite St. Louis spots.

We had timed our trip just perfectly. As we were arriving there were several school groups leaving, so we were able to walk around and enjoy the sights with very low crowds in the autumn afternoon. This time of the year is so much fun, because there are fall and Halloween decorations displayed all around for Boo at the Zoo.

We also had plans to hop aboard the Zooline Railroad on this trip! This is something we don't typically do, but with Reagan's recent fascination with trains, we couldn't skip it this time! It was so serene as we walked in, with the sunlight beaming through the trees and the sounds of "choo choo!" chugging on the warm breeze. 

We always go right first, straight to the River's Edge.

Some of Evelyn's photography skills. :) She wanted to make sure we had a picture of the hippos!

Going on a mild weather day is ideal - the animals are all out and playing!

I just love this picture...just as I'd hoped, Reagan was so into it this time!

The last time I was able to go to the zoo was in May for Evelyn's school field trip. At that time a lot of the River's Edge was under construction to make way for the bears to move in. We LOVE the new bear exhibits! They are beautiful and the viewing areas are fantastic. One of the top-rated zoos in the country just got better. :) I can't wait to see what they are doing with the polar bears on the other side of the zoo! If you haven't been in a while, there are some new things worth seeing.

Checking out the giraffes...Grace's face, haha.

We really could have walked around all day. We saw all of our favorites, even got to hear a lioness roar at her man. She made him get up off of a rock and come into a cave with her, haha. The kids enjoyed roaring back at them after that. :)

Finally it was time to get our tickets and take a ride around the zoo. 

Every time the train started to go, Reagan would make the same fishy face he made on the rides at Disney World. So funny! Speaking of that, I told Eric that I'm glad we went on vacation when we did, because at this point in my pregnancy I would have been BEAT. It took a lot out of me just walking around for a couple of hours here. And this was actually the same week we had originally planned to take our trip. Good thing we changed our minds, even before we knew we were expecting!

It was a great family day, and I think Reagan really enjoyed his special trip. By this time next year he might be able to actually tell us where he wants to go, haha. But I think we chose a good spot. :) 

I'm not sure how much nice weather we'll still have left this year, but if you can squeeze a trip to the St. Louis Zoo in, you should! It's a wonderful place to spend a fall day. 


Heather said...

This is awesome. I can't wait to do fun stuff like this with Kinley and watch her get excited.

By the way, you look amazing! Forgot to tell you yesterday!

Adrien said...

You are TOO kind. :) Thanks, friend.


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