Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Decor Tour

I remember a time, not really all that long ago, when this blog was brand new and I only had one baby on the outside. It was Fall then, too, and looking back I recall that I had much more time for home crafty things and projects. One of my very first blog posts was about decorating for the Fall season. Then Gracie was born, and I'm pretty sure my life became 24/7 kids. Haha. Over these past few years I haven't blogged much about anything but family things - just sharing what I know! But today we're harkening back to days of old. Stepping outside of "check out what my kid did" and just sharing some stuff from around the house.

I am by no means an interior decorator, I just like cozying things up when the weather turns cold. It's little touches here and there that make my heart smile. And since I have a million (or three) little kids running around, there's only so much this mom is willing to do. :)

Let's start in the kitchen....

Oh, the glorious kitchen with an obscene amount of counter and cabinet space which has forever ruined me and made me a total kitchen snob for future home purchases. When our counters aren't stacked with laundry and piled with 1,000 papers from school there's a lot of space here - plenty to set up a little bit of pretty stuff just for fun. I didn't even move our totally attractive Bose speaker for you, cause we're like family here, right, and well...I forgot. :D Evelyn and I might have been listening to some Christmas tunes and crackling fireplace sounds when we took these pictures, haha.

I adore these wire apothecary jars. These exact ones aren't made anymore, but I think I've seen similar things in stores. 

Pretty sure this little gem is a Christmas decoration, but I stuck a leaf next to it, so BAM, now it's a walk down a cottage lane in the Fall. :)

In the dining room is one of my all-time favorite pumpkin decorations. I can't explain to you why I love it, I just do.

Please notice and appreciate the Martha Stewart magazines I have laid out on display here. Unfortunately they are just for decoration in this home, because I don't read anything that isn't written by men named Dr. Seuss these days. 

Hanging on the wall is one of those home crafty things I was talking about earlier. Looks like I did find a little time for that this year.

Just don't make fun, it was my first try. ;)

Another pumpkin, cause I love 'em.

And our friend Mr. Bones hangs out at the bottom of the china cabinet...

...which you'll notice, has no china in it. 

His companion, Stones, hides out on a shelf in the living room. 

The kids love this cat. I love that if you look really closely you can see what he ate for dinner. :)

Finally, Abracadabra and Count Batcula sit perched on a side table with their friendly little smiles.

They're so cute holding out their little candles, which are never glowing, by the way. Reagan seriously thinks it's his personal duty to blow those things out as soon as they are lit. In fact, he comes running if he hears the lighter clicking. I had to bat him back with one arm while taking a picture with the other just to show you these, haha.

So let's just take a minute to appreciate them in their rare form....

I will never not like candlelight. Never never never. 

These are a few of the Fall touches we have here and there. I didn't bother taking pictures of the front porch, because 1) It was dark and 2) I still haven't finished it. All of this rain has made it less than desirable to get out there and care at the moment. I still have straw bales stacked on my front porch that I haven't done anything with. It looks...awesome. Haha. But there isn't a window ledge or free space inside this house that isn't draped in fall garlands. It's just a shame that I can't leave them out all year long!

What's your favorite season to decorate for? Eric and I were talking the other day, and he excitedly (for Eric) said, "Hey! Now that we're debt free we can buy some Christmas decorations after the holidays!" It only occurred to me later how funny that sounded, because I totally agreed with much enthusiasm without skipping a beat. Heaven forbid we buy anything at full price when we're supposed to...ever. :)

I don't think you have to go all out to make a space feel cozy and special. It's amazing what a single candle can do sometimes. Makes me want to curl up with a good book and some hot chocolate! The Cat in the Hat, anyone?


Cassie said...

stella told me the other day we need more halloween decor. ayi - you know it's bad when you four year old calls you out.

love your stuff!!

Adrien said...

Haha, I love Stella. She is too cute!

Heather said...

I have no decor besides a few Christmas items. Guess it's getting to be that time that I need to invest in some.

Did you make that wreath?? I love it!

Adrien said...

Well you girls can take Eric's strategy and wait until after the season to stock up, haha.

I did make the wreath. They are actually ridiculously easy, and you can find dozens of tutorials on youtube. You can even get all of the supplies at Walmart now. :)


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