Thursday, October 2, 2014

Girls and Boys

There are many things to look forward to in the coming month, but I think one of most exciting things for us is finding out whether our last addition to the family will be a little boy or a little girl. I just cannot wait to bond even more with the baby I've been feeling kick around for the last week. Are those little girl kicks or little boy kicks? :)

Though I still say I don't care either way what the sex of the baby is, I have to admit that there are days that I think, " would be so sweet and fun to have a baby girl again!" And I dream of pink and start looking at little girl clothes. Then there are other days that I think, "I can't imagine Reagan being so outnumbered, we need another little brother around here!" And I think of how wonderful having a boy is and start looking at little boy clothes. But my preferences are only ever slightly tilted. By the end of the day I'm back to thinking, "Gee, I don't care!"

It just so happens that, just like with Reagan, we will find out the gender within the same week that we are planning a birthday party. So just like last time we will likely plan to do some sort of reveal while we have some family together already. Only this time I think Eric and I will know ahead of time and we'll just save the surprise for the kids and everyone else. I want this very last time to be special for Eric and me.

In the spirit of keeping things fun, we took a few pictures to remember the "teams" that the kids are on before we find out.

Gracie says, "I'd like her to be a girl, because I like girls!"

Evelyn is a little more diplomatic. She wants a boy so that the numbers are even and so that Reagan can have a brother. 

Reagan is still clueless about the whole ordeal. Though he has shown an extra interest in babies lately, and he even brought me a baby doll to nurse the other day. :)

The only problem is, the kids do feel pretty strongly about their preferences. I heard Evie whispering to John the other day, "We're only going to like the baby if it's a boy, right?" And when I asked Grace if she will love the baby no matter what she said, "No, I want a girl." Haha. Do I think this will really be a problem? No. Not really. But make sure to remind the kids every day that it doesn't matter. And hopefully they're getting it. When we came in from taking these pictures Evelyn said, "We're not really on teams are we mom?" No dear, we are not. :)

Of course the best part of these pictures is usually the bloopers, and yes, we had them. It is impossible to get three kids together and not have some mishaps. Reagan was our culprit yesterday. I really wanted to get some pictures of all three of them together, but he did NOT want his sisters standing beside him.

I managed to sneak in one picture before Reagan realized Evie was standing too close for comfort....

He was growling at her. Haha.

Just disgusted.

So I thought, well, maybe we should move her to the other side. But....


We were done after this. :)

Haha, I'm glad that we're wrapping things up in the baby department, because I'm not too sure how much longer my kiddos are going to humor their mama and do things like this. But I'm happy they let me for the time being, and now I have some great pictures to show Reagan's girl someday. ;)

October 20th is the big day! And it will be a long five day wait until we share the news with the kids. I can't trust them with the information beforehand, because Evie will spill the beans. She was already blabbing the baby news early this time, which was why we couldn't wait around to share with everyone else, haha. Eventually we'll look back and these days of not knowing will seem fleeting. But until then...I can't wait!

Have a happy day, friends!


Heather said...

Eeeee!!!! I can't wait to find out!

Sarah said...

God, I love them!! I think I am just as anxious as you lol.

When the boys found out that we are having another boy...they said...that's ok time we will have a girl! Next time, eh? ;)


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