Monday, October 20, 2014

Gracie Is Four!

This mom is wiped out! We had a full and fun weekend, celebrating multiple birthdays and going nonstop. It was a blast, but I'm pooped.

Yesterday we celebrated our Grace's big day - our middle baby turned four years old. Four years of raising one of the most strong-willed children I have ever seen. I'm pretty sure we deserve some kind of medal for that. :) Grace has definitely lived up to her name so far, as I joke that we definitely pour out lots of grace on her every day, haha. She requires a ridiculous amount of patience. But, when she wants to be good, she is such a precious little angel baby. She is one extreme to the other. Burning you up one minute, melting you like butter the next. There is no in between with her. And as soon as you think you have her figured out - SNAP! She can pull a tantrum out of thin air or she can be the most compassionate kid in the group. It all depends on which way the wind blows. :) Apparently she is always in "angel mode" at school, which is a big relief for me - but hey, what gives?? Haha. I don't know that we'll ever have her "figured out."

We let our Gracie girl choose to do whatever she wanted to do yesterday. We're having a small party for her and Reagan this Saturday, but we couldn't let her actual birthday go by without doing something special. Her ideas were cracking us up. First she said she wanted to go to "Waterloo" and "Walmart" and then she added "McDonalds" into the mix. We were tossing out ideas left and right, and nothing seemed to sound as good to her as going to Walmart. That was like, the ideal birthday getaway.

We went to church yesterday morning, still not quite certain of what the day was going to hold for us. When we got to Sunday School, Gracie happily donned a "Happy Birthday" crown....

...and she didn't take that thing off for the rest of the day, haha.

For lunch Gracie got her wish of a delicious McDonalds meal. You know Eric loves his kid when he grins and agrees to McDonalds. Anything for his baby. :)

Finally, after suggesting several family activities we could do, one of them stuck. Both of our girls enthusiastically agreed to an afternoon at the movies. 

Happy Meal buckets are the perfect size for bringing along to the movies and sharing popcorn in! Just so happened that the theme of the buckets matched the movie we were seeing. :)

I was hesitant about this little excursion, because I wanted the whole family to do something together, and Reagan had never been to a movie theater before. He is definitely younger than either of the girls were when they went for their first time. One quick look around, and this boy was mesmerized. This is a blurry picture, but I love it, because the look in his eyes says, "I've died and gone to heaven!"

Taking an almost-two-year old to an arcade is awesome. You don't have to spend a dime, and they still think they're playing every game, haha.

We saw "The Book of Life" and I thought it was an okay movie. I didn't have high expectations going in. :) Evelyn seemed to really enjoy it the most! And thankfully Reagan was really (surprisingly) good for the first 3/4 of it. Better than I thought!

After stuffing ourselves with McDonalds and popcorn, what else were we to do but eat some more? So afterwards we popped across the street for an ice cream treat.

Grace got "Cotton candy with spwinkles," and let me tell you, she was very proud of that.

There was a trip to Target after this, where we decided the kids could pick out a small little something  for the day. Aka- diving in the dollar bin. Turning three kids loose in the Target dollar spot is probably not for the feint of heart. :) But we survived, and then FINALLY Gracie got to visit her beloved Walmart, haha. So we ended up hitting every place she wanted to go, after all.

We ran around literally all day long...bouncing from one place to the next. And Gracie knew that she was pretty much in control of the situation, because at one point I heard her whisper to herself, "I'm the birthday girl, and everyone does what I say." Bahaha.

We pulled into our driveway with just a tiny bit of daylight to spare. We were racing the clock so that we could get back and snap a few pictures of these babies....

One bucket: $15.00
Two buckets: $25.00
Three buckets: $35.00
Four buckets: $40.00
(All buckets are $10.00 each if you get four or more!)

Wahoo! I'm so excited that we were able to get a hold of some light buckets! We seem to be on pretty good terms with the man who makes these buckets, because as soon as more became available he shot Eric an email asking if we were still interested in them. Um, YES!! So if you're one of my lovely friends who has been asking about these, here they are. In red, orange, and blue for this year. Not only do they make awesome buckets for trick-or-treating, but they'll also be totally rad for the annual light parade that our town has in November. What better treat bucket for a nighttime parade? :) They are perfect all year round, for Fourth of July events and more. Batteries are included, and they shine very bright. Let me know if you'd like one so that I can set it aside before we officially list them online.

Funny story about these buckets...they are so rare, because the inventor is insanely protective of his design. When Eric went to pick ours up on Saturday, the man told him that Walmart tried to steal his design and sell it, but he shut them down. :D You won't find these in stores, haha! The only place you'll see these crop up is on etsy, where the sellers get their supply from the same place we do - the only place you can get them. We made sure to price ours competitively, so if you want a bucket - especially multiples - you've come to the right place. We love these things!

But you know what excites me even more than plastic buckets? Finding out our baby's gender. Because that's today. Eeee!! I don't think I've ever been more anxious to know! By the time I lay my head on my pillow tonight I will be dreaming of what our completed family will look like. And...I will finally know once and for all if I can stop obsessing over baby names. :)

This week ahead is going to be insane, with oddly-timed meetings and party prep and appointments and major projects that I have to get done...hurts my head to think about it all. Not to mention that the girls' school schedule is totally wonky - I know some of you can relate. Two of the days are early dismissals (which means Gracie's afternoon pre-k schedule is AWESOME - not) and if I don't forget my children at school at least one of those days it will be a miracle. Just too much piling up all at once! But I'm glad we were able to have a fun, carefree day yesterday with our birthday girl!

I always forget how dark her hair was...can't imagine it being so dark now!
My precious baby!
Makes me want to have another. ;)

Alright, kids. I have a house to clean and a baby doctor appointment to get pumped for. Butterflies!! Over and out!


Meagan said...

Grace & Carson sound identical! We never know which version of Carson we are going to get from one second to the next! lol Glad to hear she had such a great birthday, Wal-Mart trip and all!

Cassie said...

do you get your kids new buckets every year? our orange ones from last year are still working great!

and yay for an awesome birthday! happy (belated) birthday grace!


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