Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's An October Thing

Happy October!

My house was overtaken by a ferocious dragon and a rogue fish yesterday....

It was hard to get a clear picture of them for evidence, because they were jumping around like crazed monkeys, but I swear they were here! (And yes, we still have a totally awesome rainbow on our wall...though the kids have started picking at it, haha.)

Old Halloween costumes are cheap entertainment.

I have a first world problem on my hands, and it's driving me crazy. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what to dress the kids up as for Halloween this year. I've shared before how we always get the kids' costumes from Old Navy, because we have always been able to get the super snuggly kind really inexpensively. I wait every year to see which costumes they have come up with, excitedly checking their website every day.

Only this year I waited...and waited...and waited...and those darn costumes never showed up. I always hold out until the Baby Sale to pick up our costumes, but this year the Baby Sale came, and there were still no costumes. Finally I went sleuthing on the internet and discovered that somehow I had missed that Old Navy announced on their Facebook page that they were not going to have costumes this year.

What? What are you doing to me, Old Navy? You're killing me!


Anyway. Now I don't know what to do. Even at Target the same type of costume is like $30.00 a thanks. I'm used to paying like $12 for these things. And at this rate I'm likely to get a flimsy Walmart special for that. (Not that I have a problem with Walmart, because I don't. Halloween is cold, haha.) So...I need help. HELP. If you have a favorite place to get costumes, let me know! Time is ticking away. I just need an idea so that I can search out exactly what I want, because if I have to scroll through one more page of costumes trying to figure it out, I might have a mental breakdown.


We wasted no time working on that Fall Bucket List yesterday, doing some fallish activities and crafts when the girls came home from school. Grace was begging to do this jello kit!

Each of the kids had to get their turn to stir....

And then we had a yummy snack waiting for us when we came home from our walk last night!

They came out really cute, but trust don't want to see the after pictures I took. Not very appetizing. :)

Then they tried their hands at designing their own spooky houses....

These kits came from The Dollar Tree, and the girls really had fun with them.

Here was Evie's finished product....

And Grace's seemed to have a major ghost infestation.  :)

This kind of thing would have been right up my alley when I was a kid! 

I introduced my kids to one my favorite movies of the season after this, and then after dinner we took a nice long walk...mostly in the dark because holy moly does it get dark early these days. Boo...that's the only thing I don't like about fall....

Any excuse to do this kind of stuff is good with me! There's just something about the colors and the whimsy that gets me about Halloween. I really can't explain's just fun...and I've always thought so since I was an itty bitty thing. We just enjoy the not-so-scary stuff and ignore any negative spin people might put on it. :)

So yes...if you have a costume idea for my kiddos, please please throw it my way! I would love to have all three of them dressed in some kind of "theme" I just can't decide which theme to do. This is like, the best worst problem to have for me, haha. Eeep - it's October!!


Heather said...

I can totally see your kids as super heros. There are so many cute ideas on Pinterest for girls and boys. Another cute idea I saw was Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, and Captain Hook. Or the 3 blind mice. Or Anna, Elsa, and Olaf.

Adrien said...

That is exactly my problem - so many ideas and I can't decide on one! Haha. When I think I figure it out I look up the costumes and they are $$. But it's so funny that you said superheroes, because that was my first thought and the one I keep coming back to....


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