Friday, October 17, 2014

Mommy Scenario Tag

Today is carpet cleaning day - woot woot! I'm probably the only person alive who gets excited to do this. I hate carpet...especially ours. It's white. And it is amazingly disgusting to see how much dirt comes out of the carpets every time I deep clean them - even when they don't look that bad. So my entire morning is pretty much spoken for on this beautiful day, and I hope you're doing something a little more glamorous than me right now. :)

Today I have been tagged to answer a few questions in the "Mommy Scenario Tag." Anyone else is free to do this as well if you haven't been tagged yet! It's actually more prevalent in youtube groups that I follow, but I don't have time to vlog my answers, so I'm going to blog them really quickly! This is a list of questions that ask "What would you do?" when placed in different scenarios with your kiddos. Here are my answers to eight random life situations:

1. Your kid is refusing to eat dinner, do you stand your ground and demand they eat what you made? Or make something else?

I don't think I have ever...not once...made an alternate meal for one of my children, and I don't ever plan to start. Thankfully I have really good eaters anyway, and this isn't usually an issue. But if they decide they don't want to eat, then they don't eat, because on the flip side I don't force them to eat either. Only when we have planned a special treat for later do we ever bust out, "You need to take a couple more bites." They won't starve themselves.

2. Your kid has a melt-down at the store, nothing is working to calm them. Do you leave & come back another time, or grit your teeth and finish shopping?

This is why we try not to take kids to the store and run our errands on date night, because one of them WILL melt down, haha. And depending on which child it is, there may be nothing to calm them but good sweet time. For that reason, we spare other shoppers and get the heck out of Dodge. Have you ever been blessed to hear a Grace Robert temper tantrum? If not, you are very lucky. She's scary. :)

3. Your kid gets too many toys for their birthday, do you make some returns or save them for a rainy day?

In my recollection I've never made a return on a gift. That doesn't mean they all get opened right away. We rotate toys in our basement, and this is a HUGE ordeal for us, because our house just doesn't have the space to have a sea of toys upstairs in our main living area. Truthfully though, there are toys downstairs that go unopened for a very long time, because I'm not always as diligent about rotating as I should be. Usually my deal with the kids is that they have to have a clean room to get a new toy upstairs. If it's already messy, heck no am I bringing anything new up!

4. Your kid is protesting sleep, do you give in at 3am, get them up & turn on a movie? Or continue to rock them, nurse, etc to try to get them back to sleep?

Praise the Lord, I have amazing sleepers. I can't say that this has ever been an issue past infancy. When the kids were little I wouldn't turn on any lights or stimulus in any way when they woke up, because those habits form quick! I hate to comment on something I have no experience in, because...never say never, right? But what I would like to say is that (unless they were super sick or something) they would need to march right back to bed at 3am. No thank you!

5. You have an appointment and no babysitter- do you bring them with you or reschedule?

This is another area where we are extremely lucky. Eric and I both live near our parents, so it is super rare that we don't have any babysitters. Sometimes the youngest in the crew at the time will tag along at one of my baby doctor appointments, but other than that, not an issue. (I would definitely reschedule a hair or dentist appointment if I had to, though! I can't see how I would pull one of those off with kids in tow.)

6. You have 20 minutes until unexpected company arrives. Do you rush to clean up your messy house, or just figure- "hey, it's okay. I've got kids!"

Rush, rush, rush. I hate people to see my mess, and our house is in various states of messy all.of.the.time. I'm not good with last minute anything.

7. You're running late & only have time to do your hair or makeup- which do you choose?

This is probably the unpopular answer, but it's my hair. I go out all of the time without makeup on, but my hair is a wild mess if I don't do something with it. Even if that means just putting it in braids or a bun...which is usually still messy, but not nearly the disaster I wake up with in the morning. :)

8. You're at the park and another child pushes yours, do you intervene and correct them- or go find the child's parent?

This may come as a surprise, but helicopter parent I am NOT. Nope, I'm not correcting someone else's kid. I can't be with my child at school or anywhere else 24/7, so they need to learn to work it out on their own. I mean, if another kid was pounding mine then yes, I'm going to have something to say, but normal playground stuff? Eh. If the other kid keeps pestering mine then we'll redirect somewhere else. Thankfully, once again, my kids are usually super friendly and so much so that I think other kids are intimated by them on the playground, haha. Our bigger issue isn't kids pushing mine, but kids running away from mine. :) Gracie especially takes it personally, and we've had tears more than once because, "Those kids don't like me!"

So that's it! The wonderful thing about parenting is...there is no one way to do it!

Before I wish you all a "Happy weekend!" I just wanted to say thank you so much to all of my friends, old and new, who have been sending me such sweet messages lately. Sometimes they seem to come out of the blue. I don't know what's in the air, but I've been getting quite a bit of encouragement lately, and it truly blesses my heart. I love you guys!

Ok, now...happy weekend, all!


Erin said...

That last question hits home for sure!! And your answer is so Lyla. She just wants everyone to be her friend so bad!! Your kids are lucky to have each other to play with. :( and I have to fight the urge to tell other kids what they do is wrong. Lol. Fight. The. Urgeeeeee.
And btw. So many people think it's just fine that their kids come along to hair appointments. A haircut is one thing, but color where you're there for 2 hours.. The salon gets torn apart! So thanks! Haha.

Heather said...

I'm already a toy rotator, and she hasn't even hit her first birthday or Christmas yet. I think she gets overwhelmed with all the toys, and just picks a sock to play with, so I had to start hiding some.


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